Ever-changing Sky and Mountains ~ Horton Creek Campground ~ Bishop, CA

We are snuggly tucked into the Horton Creek BLM Campground just north of Bishop, CA, with our caravan buddies Nina and Paul.  This was more of an impromptu camping stop after weather reports of dipping temps and snow predictions in the June Lake area had us all collectively saying, “we’re outta here”.  Nina, ever so resourceful, went online and found this little gem.  There were no reviews to check out so we were relying solely on her instincts and she hasn’t steered us wrong yet.  We threw caution to the wind and said “let’s go”.  Her talent for seeking out new and interesting places, well, is just AWESOME!

This place has it all, expansive skies, sprawling desert, 360º mountain views, and Mother Nature has just sprinkled a dusting of snow on the mountaintops after a much-needed rainstorm blew through yesterday.  

We are due down in the San Diego area in a couple of weeks and our nomadic ways will end for a few months.  Until then we are enjoying every sunrise, every walk in the desert, and every sunset ~ all the ever-changing moods nature has to offer.

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