About Us

After lengthy careers maneuvering the treacherous waters of corporate America, Terry and I decided in August of 2011 that life was too important to take so seriously. We wrote what was to be our final resignation letters, stuffed our backpacks to maximum capacity, and headed south of the border for a Mexican adventure.

We had been slowly moving away from the rigors of corporate life even a couple of years earlier as we closed up our Sedona, AZ home and headed to Yellowstone National Park, where we lived and worked in a setting full of wonder and awe each time we stepped out our door. Nature soon became our temple.

After a year in Mexico, we decided it was time to move back north, but wanderlust was firmly ensconced in our souls. There was no way we were going to be content sitting at home so the decision was made to take our home with us.  So began our gypsy lifestyle, traveling across this beautiful country in an RV as we surrounded ourselves in nature.

Although we have recently created a wonderful home base for ourselves at Jojoba Hills RV Resort near Temecula, CA, our hearts still long for the open road and we follow that yearning as often as we can.

My blog name “paint your landscape” seems a fitting metaphor for how we envision a good life, doing what makes our hearts sing, coloring our world with broad brushstrokes.



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