Farewell to Summer


 eyes brightly reflect

flushed innocent faces

unlimited possibilities

vast as billowing clouds

grazing azure heavens

~Hopefulness swells~



shoulders rounded

life’s weight evident

dreams withered

cast like seed heads

astride stiffening winds

~Resignation settling~



isolated thoughts

whispering when…how

days’ limits palpable

reverberate bittersweet

in slowing gait

~Farewell to summer~

© LuAnn Oburn 2013

Time to bid adieu to summer, our season of myriad changes, emotions, and revelations, but mostly one of blessings, for time allowed to aid aging parents with their struggle to retain independence, light-hearted family visits, friends who touched us in innumerable ways, and the gift of continued inner growth. Although there are aspects of this summer we hope not to revisit, we are grateful for the wisdom we have gained.  Farewell Ohio!

75 thoughts on “Farewell to Summer

    • We are going to begin venturing out, staying close by for a little longer so we can get back to the parents if needed. We will join the family back in OH for Christmas so won’t venture too far for now, but it will feel good to do some exploring again. Someday we will become true international nomads like the two of you. 🙂

  • Great poem LuAnn. I know this summer has been a very hard one for you. I do hope the rest of your year settles down and eases off you to give you a happy end to 2013

  • It must be a turbulent summer for you, but you handled so graciously with your strengths. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with your eloquent poem, LuAnn. Btw, Are you leaving Ohio?

    • Thanks Amy. We are going to start venturing out a bit, staying in the area for awhile and going back for the X-mas holiday. After that we will head to Florida for the winter.

  • I can think that you might even be pleased to see this summer over… we have had those times when we have said just that… but I do hope that the rest of 2013 is going to treat you like a Queen and KIng and make your lives so pleasant that the past takes up a rear seat to the good times…

    • Thanks so much Bulldog. Yes, we are glad to see this summer come to an end but are grateful for the lessons we have learned and the ability to assist hubby’s folks. Some of the struggles are already taking that rear seat. 🙂 Hope you and Linda have a glorious end to your year as well.

    • They have been Marsha. The combination of caregiving and Terry’s medical issues seemed a bit overwhelming at times but we feel grateful we were able to help out Terry’s folks with what is a difficult transition for them. Safe travels to you two as well. 🙂

  • Wonderful poem, LuAnn. I pray you will never have to go through another summer like this one has been. Where are you now, and what are you up to?

    • Thanks Joan. It has not been the best summer of record but there are reasons for our struggles, even if we do not know what they are at the time. We are going to head south and see where our travels take us…a bit mysterious, eh? 🙂

  • Love the way you have of making words come alive. Wow! I didn’t realize that you were leaving Ohio now. We will be praying for you as you take new steps as well. Fall seems to be the time to say goodbye to some things…

    • Thanks so much Jan. We will be staying fairly close for awhile and will be coming back to OH for the Christmas holiday. From there we will head south and spend winter in Florida. We feel good that there are other relatives who are willing to assist Terry’s folks if needed.

    • Thanks Carolyn. We are definitely stronger for the experience and are grateful for the time spent assisting hubby’s parents, although there were many struggles along the way. Losing one’s independence at an advanced age must be so very frightening for many.

    • Thanks so much. We are looking forward to some travel again and know that sooner or later our paths will cross. I am hoping for some hiking together for the four of us. Safe travels John and Pam. 🙂

  • A beautiful poem to bid adieu to summer, LuAnn. What a summer it’s been for you; one you won’t ever want to repeat. I hope that the autumn and winter will be a time of relaxation and renewal for you both. Love and hugs to you. xx

    • Thanks so much Linda. We are looking forward to some wonderful adventures, getting out into nature again. Big hugs being sent your way. 🙂

  • A lovely photo that you share!
    Time, change, past, present, & what lies ahead all captured well in your post. It’s hard to believe another season has come & gone. Where does time go? Where will time take us?
    I’m hoping that being able to venture out means that things are better now than they were a month or so ago.
    Thinking of you & your family. And – I wish you a wonderful & peaceful rest of the year.

    • Thank you RoSy. We have moved beyond many of the stresses of the summer but it is sad also to be leaving elderly parents, not knowing how they will fare alone. The poem was written with them in mind, with me wondering often during the summer how I would feel about my life if I were their age. My MIL has many regrets, which is very sad to see. Hope all is well with you and your family.

  • LuAnn, a lovely tribute to your summer with poem and photo, both beautiful. Saying goodbye to summer is healing and planning to visit family during the Christmas Season is wonderful. I hope Terry’s parents find peace in their remaining years!

    Glad you and Terry are getting ready to do a little travel and experience the joys that lay ahead for you both and together.

    Go and enjoy yourselves, life is waiting for you! Hugs!!!

  • You paint such incredible pictures and feelings with your words. The image was pure frosting. Wishing you happy trails wherever you wander. A well deserved re-creation.

  • Very thought-provoking words you have written and written with much heart and emotion. The image is beautiful too. It is hard to say good-bye to seasons that move us and become a huge part of our life. Wishing you well through this journey and the next.

    • Thanks Angelia. This was written with thoughts of how life would feel for someone in their late 80’s or early 90’s, as is the case with my in-laws. Do you wonder how many more summers? And if you are my MIL, how many regrets wander through your mind each day? Is this the final farewell to summer? 😉

  • vast as billowing clouds / grazing azure heavens. That was such a dreamy vision. Wisdom is great…unless its wisdom teeth. A new season and a new beginning are just the breath of fresh…by wish I mean cold and autumny..air that is needed. I hope the rest of the year brings joy with added joy on the side.

  • I would think by now you are somewhat south embarking on a new experience? One that I look forward to hearing more about. Wishing you safe travels and hopefully fun adventures 🙂

  • My oh my and wow … LuAnn. It’s been said that adversity (when experienced by an artistic soul ‘you’) tends to bring the muse to life. I’m thinking this has been accomplished with your very moving poem here! Beautifully poignant, the perfect accompaniment to change, both in your life and in the seasons of the year! I love it! 🙂

  • Great poem. Your summer of challenges were overcome with grace and courage. A new season is in the offing for you and Terry to journey together and be out to enjoy God’s blessing.
    Keenly watching hoping to cross paths on your new adventures.

  • summer days slowly fading into the background as autumn/winter takes center stage. your words and reflections on yesterday, today, tomorrow – a good reminder to cherish each moment in deep gratitude. thanks for sharing and safe journey to your next adventure. ♥ it sounds exciting already 🙂

  • A beautiful and exquisitely penned piece full of as many variations of life as the changing seasons! I just wish I had a love button!!! 🙂 To the new season for you…hoping, praying…it’s a wonderful adventure with time to take care of you and look forward with anticipation and joy! Hugs and so so much love to you dearest friend❤❤❤!!

  • Phrase-worthy, ooops, I mean praiseworthy. See what I did there? Ahihihi… Oh, silly Rommel. We don’t have autumn here in Okinawa so just be happy you got a season change and not stuck with a monotonous weather routine. Looking forward to your southeast posts.

  • Way to be strong Lu and Terry. Now though slow and steady, we get to see you two enjoy and venture for some adventure and time together. I share the gratitude for your blessings.

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