Making Connections ~ San Diego, CA

The beauty of being a full-time RVer is the ability to balance a healthy dose of solitude with lots of social gatherings.  Winter seems to be best for the latter, as many of us are stationary for longer stretches, giving ample time to catch up with those taking a respite from the road.  There are a handful of states where many RVers go to escape winter’s frigid nature:  California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida most notable.  So it should have come as no surprise that several couples we knew, via blog or previously met on the road, flocked to San Diego to bask in the sun and let the cool ocean breezes wash over them.

Being just a short distance away from the big city, we have been fortunate to visit several friends the past few weeks who were grooving to San Diego’s vibe.  I have spent many a summer vacation in San Diego so I was content to just spend time catching up with old friends and reveling in their exploits.

Balboa Park

After a few days of exploring Anza Borrego State Park with Eric and Laurel (Raven and Chickadee) in late February, we weren’t expecting to see them again so soon, but their travels took them to the North Park neighborhood of San Diego so we got together and wandered cultural Balboa Park with them.  If you have not been, this park is 1,200 acres of stunning architecture, graceful gardens, interesting museums, and a great artist colony.  Lunch on the patio at Prado was quite tasty and, as you can see below, Eric got his money’s worth.

We extended our visit into the evening over a yummy salad created  by Laurel from what we had scored at the farmers’ market earlier that day. What a lovely couple and how lucky we are to be seeing them again later this summer.

Tasty little flight

The infamous Nina and Paul (Wheelingit) also breezed into San Diego, landing at the popular Mission Bay RV Resort.  For those who follow Nina’s blog, and who doesn’t, they were on a mission to taste test their way through as many San Diego breweries as they could. So, where else would be meet them for lunch than a craft beer establishment, Stone Brewery at Liberty Station.  Although we did not have much time to catch up, as they had family in town, it was wonderful to see them again.  Mission Bay is where our paths first crossed three years ago and it is always a delight to see them again.

Terry, me, Paul, Nina & sweet pooch Polly

I’m sure we can all agree that Nina’s blog posts have enriched our lives and given us adventures we may not have anticipated.

Next up was Jim and Barb (Bounding the Borders), a charming couple we were introduced to last winter in Cedar Key, Florida, two whom we felt comfortable with from the moment we met.  They came to Jojoba Hills for a week this winter, after spending time at Mission Bay, giving us ample time to share good food, drink, and great conversation.  I can’t tell you how pleased we were to reconnect with them, and knowing we are planning to meet up again later this year puts a smile on my face.

I have found there is a sense of serendipity to this lifestyle.  We learned over a homemade meal that Jim and Barb had met the very couple we were planning to join for lunch later that week.  So the four of us wheeled our way back to San Diego to meet Hector and Brenda (Island Girl Walkabout) for lunch at the Blue Water Seafood Market and Grill, a knock-your-socks-off place to go for fish tacos.  We had lunched here with Hector and Brenda once already this winter but everyone seemed to need a taco fix so back to Blue Water.  With any luck we may see the Island Girl dwellers later this year as well.

The breeze off the ocean seemed just right for a stopover at Torrey Pines Gliderport, and by the looks of the skies, everyone with a passion for the sport thought so too.

When we began this nomadic adventure, I dreamt of all the magnificent vistas that awaited us.  What I have discovered is that this journey is made much more satisfying by the extraordinary people connections we’ve made along the way, those on the road, those whom we have met only through blogs, and those at our Jojoba Hills’ winter base.

I toast all who have enriched our lives and look forward to meeting many more of you as we renew our wandering ways in a couple of weeks.  I am eagerly counting down the days. 🙂

72 thoughts on “Making Connections ~ San Diego, CA

  • LuAnn, a lovely and heartfelt post. I am sure everyone, whose path you have crossed, feels the same. Safe travels wherever you go and wonderful friendships with those you encounter.

  • Lovely post! I agree the connections and friendships we make through our blogs do enrich us in some way or form. Perhaps this coming winter we will meet again, or meet new friends or reconnect with long time friends as we hibernate finally out west!
    Cheers LuAnn, to all the connections old and new.

  • The social aspect of this RV lifestyle has been a very pleasant surprise Sounds like you had a wonderful winter…. exactly what you needed. I look forward to hearing about your summer travels and hopefully next winter we’ll reconnect somewhere 🙂

    • I agree Ingrid. Amidst all the physical beauty this country offers is that beautiful little present we receive each time we make those special people connections. Hope to see you next winter.

  • So great to have seen you three whole times! You’re so right that the extraordinary people connections that we make are the real treasure of our travels. Happy Trails to you and see you next winter!

    • So wonderful to get some quality time with the two of you. Happy trails to you as well. Be safe out there. Can’t wait to see some photos from your grand adventure. 🙂

  • Yes indeed, all these new friends we have made on the road is the icing on the cake of this lifestyle! Perhaps one day our paths will cross too!

    You’ve been stationary for a while now, I bet you are getting itchy feet!

  • How wonderful that you have met so many like minded people in your journey! San Diego is one of our top picks for it’s mild weather. Lots of great photos in this post. I love the paragliders along the beach best of all. I know what a surprise.:)

  • They say good friends like good wine only improve with age…. I say good friends and a bottle of wine don’t need age to improve, just regular visits…. lol…. loved this share

  • How wonderful for you to find so many friends on the road or in blogging. I just recently have met up with Ingrid twice and we have had so much fun. And we can say it was all because of blogging! Enjoy your time in San Diego and one day I hope that we can meet… if you come this way to Sunny Arizona.

  • A lovely post to share Lu Ann ! Sounds like you have made some magical connections and friendships that just keep on growing 🙂
    I wonder where those wheels are taking you next ….. happy travels …

    • Making those connections is the best part of our journey. As far as our wheels, they will begin to roll again in a couple of weeks (yay!) and will be pointing north.

  • I need to send this post to some of our “stationary” friends. They just don’t get this lifestyle. They are content to stay at home and vacation at Myrtle Beach each year. We tell them all the times the hundreds of advantages of our lifestyle. You just can’t beat it!

    • My family and some of our friends are the same Marsha. I believe Terry’s mother is a bit embarrassed that we are “homeless”. 😉 Wish they could see just how rich our lives are.

  • Good to see that the Jojoba location seems to be working out perfectly for seeing friends:) You are the perfect distance from two of the many stops for those us wintering in the southwest. How very nice to see you have caught up with some wonderful people:) Can’t wait til you hit the road and see if we can meet up somewhere:)

    No Black Beach photos!!! The Glider Port sure was busy that afternoon. Your photos of the gliders are beautiful:) Love the shot of the group lined up:)

    • Jojoba does work out for visiting friends in SD and you two were our very first visitors. But the time is long overdue (imho) for hitting the road. Terry and I both agree that there will be many more trips in our future during our next winter stay. And no, there are no Black Beach photos. I saw enough when I was there many, many years ago. 😉 Hope to catch up with you two on the road later this year.

  • You are so fortunate to have each other, a great plan for living the life of travel and adventure, and the great wine and food along the way. So appealing. I can see how much you enjoy and cherish life!

  • LuAnn, I am just now putting two and two together….I plan to be in Jojoba Hills by this weekend. Will you still be there? I would love to meet you! I agree, making like-minded friends on the road has been the bonus to this enriching lifestyle that I never anticipated.

    • Suzanne, we will be here for the next two weeks, then finally back on the road. Hubby has finally learned that he can’t take me off the road this long if he wants to keep me from whining. 😉 I would love to meet you.

      • Okay, great! I will send you a note when I get settled…probably from the dry camping area, since I will be arriving on the weekend.

      • Are you wanting a full hook-up site? This is first come-first serve unless you know a member 🙂 and there are, I believe, three hook-up sites available yet for the weekend. I know you boondock a lot but if you are interested, let me know and I will see if I can reserve something for you.

  • Gosh you have been crazy social! I’m so glad we got to catch up w/ you in San Diego. Thanks so much for coming down!!


    • Can’t hold a candle to you my friend. It was great seeing you two, if only for a few hours. Lovin’ your 395 posts! You have given us a lot to ponder as we head that way in a couple of weeks.

  • What a happy post, LuAnn! Love the photo of you and terry, and you really got some great captures of those paragliders. Have you ever been tempted to try it? What a lot of friends you’ve met on your travels. I’m sure that you attract really lovely people. 🙂 xx

    • I might be tempted to try paragliding. Everyone looked like they were having a blast. We are finding there are a lot of great folks out there. We feel blessed to have met a few. 🙂

  • LuAnn, we feel so fortunate that our paths crossed twice in our southern California travels. Thanks so much for coming to meet us in Anza Borrego and San Diego! We’re looking forward to lots of adventures with you two later this summer. I especially love the photo of you and Terry on the beach. See you in June! 😉

    • We too feel fortunate that we were able to spend time with you and Eric. I have long wanted to meet you both so now I’m a happy gal. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you both in June and our adventures beyond. Safe travels!

    • That is pretty cool RoSy. We haven’t been to every state yet but I went through the list of landmarks in that article and have seen 27/50. Not too bad! 🙂

  • Still looking forward to that day you head up this way. We might be Movin’ On down to Gold Beach… still very much a work in progress, but something dreams are made of… 😉

    • Sounds like a new adventure in the making for you two. Where is Gold Beach? And yes, we definitely need to get to the coast again as a meet-up is definitely in order. This summer will take us to Ashland and Bend, but not the coast. 😦

  • What a lovely web of connections Terry and you have woven along the way LuAnn! And how wonderful to be able to spend time with so many of your friends. Thank you for introducing us to some of them. And happy travels, no matter where life takes you both 🙂

  • What a special post, your journey is not just a journey of miles but of friendships. New people and amazing adventurous with great views, it is wonderful to discover so many people and places you never knew existed. I have a big smile on my face now.

  • LuAnn, what a beautiful example of how friends make all the difference in both life and travel. So glad that you could meet up with so many fascinating people. And your photos – Wow! I love the glider collage. 🙂 ~Terri

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