Ancient Messages

Ancient messages

carved into stone

What is their meaning?

The Paiute may know.


Warriors and shaman

celebrating the hunt,

family stories

symbolically unfold.


Listen carefully

to the wailing of the wind.

Mother Earth’s impassioned plea ~

“Stop destroying

my gifts, my beauty.

If you continue,

barren soon I will be.”


The skies open

as the rains begin.

Mother Earth chanting

her song of sorrow.

 © LuAnn Oburn 2012

Chidago Canyon, roughly a 30-45 minute drive northeast of Bishop, CA is where you will find The Volcanic Tableland, a wide expanse of far-flung boulders and deep ravines formed 700,000 years ago, when clouds of ash and rock were spewed forth from volcanic activity in Long Valley.

A few petroglyphs can be seen at Fish Slough, but travel a little further down the road to see the larger panels of these ancient carved rocks at Chidago Canyon and Red Rocks Canyon.

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