Symphony at Sunset ~ Washoe Lake State Park, NV

Washoe Lake at sunset

Welcome to Washoe Lake State Park, where the desert days are warm and the deepening shadows give way to stunning hues and a plethora of sounds.  Just prior to the sun bidding farewell, laughter and the pounding of horses’ hooves can be heard as campers enjoy a sunset ride along the lake.  Locusts, crickets, and all matter of creepy-crawly creatures move to the rhythms of the night.  Coyotes circle around, whether to howl at the full moon or to serenade us, who can know?  Their cadence quickens to a piercing cacophony of shrieks and howls (quite eerie).    Most likely they are banding together for the kill, hopefully not one of the shy jackrabbits we see bounding around our camp site.  Such is the symphony at sunset in these parts.

Mesmerizing clouds over the mountains

This is the Nevada desert and it could be Arizona as I admire our 360º view of mountain ranges, enormous billowing clouds and aromatic sagebrush.  Place a grouping of prickly cacti in this picture and I am transported back to our Arizona home.

We lucked upon site #8, a pull-through, facing out over Washoe Lake and the mountains – pretty sweet. The suggestion for this state park came from our RV buddies Nina and Paul of Wheeling It.  Not sure how we would have found our way this past year if not for their fabulous tips (lol).

Desert sky on fire!

Our favorite pastime while here has been to pull up a rocking chair with wineglass in hand (filled with a nice Zin of course) and watch the sky explode into a fireball of oranges and reds as the sun slips below the mountain peaks, only to transform itself a few moments later to cooler shades of pinks and purples.

Terry on Lake Tahoe shore

Lest you think we haven’t peeled ourselves out of our chairs the entire time we have been here, we did run some errands in Reno and take a day trip to Lake Tahoe, which we had never seen (can you believe it?!).  Beyond this, we have been most content to pour a glass of wine; pull up a chair;  point it west; and as the sun dips lower in the sky, marvel at our Creator’s stunning work, the constantly changing colors penetrating the clouds.  Tomorrow we head for the mountains, but for tonight, we await the symphony at sunset.

Inspiration Point ~ Lake Tahoe
Fannette Island on Lake Tahoe

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