Our New Home

A cold spring morning in Elkhart, IN
A cold spring morning in Elkhart, IN

Our travels have taken a shift in another direction as we head towards our next adventure, spending extended time in Ohio helping Terry’s elderly parents.  We know this next phase in our lives will come with some challenges but we believe the rewards will outweigh those ‘bumps in the road’ we may encounter.  The biggest trial for two nomads will be sitting still for so long after traveling for the past ~2 years.  We see organic gardening in our near future and hitting the road again later in the year to avoid the cold midwest winters.

Our new home will be on the parents’ property, where an RV pad is awaiting us. The emphasis here is on “new home” as that is what we now have and the reason we have spent so much time in Elkhart, IN, most likely the RV capital of the country.  Yep, I have given up my dream for a larger motorhome for a slightly smaller, new RV, with the promise of more international travel, right honey? 😉

Terry has always liked the idea of a smaller RV (cause he’s the dude who has been drivin’ it) but I have shuddered at the thought of the two of us co-existing in such small quarters. Given that we are outside so often, it has not been a problem. Surprisingly, our new RV seems more spacious, is much more efficient, and has so many upgrades from our three-year old model.  For someone who loves to cook like I do, more kitchen counter space is heavenly and a walk-in closet in an RV can truly be just that.

Although we already owned a DRV Mobile Suites we decided to tour their manufacturing plant, which I must admit was fascinating.  We felt more secure in our decision to trade in our 3-year old model for another MS after watching the construction from the ground up, everything done by hand.  Another bonus was meeting two lovely couples who are planning to hit the road full-time soon. 🙂

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What Does Home Mean to You?

Family home

What does home mean to you?  For full-time RVer’s this question can be a little difficult to answer.  Is it where we were born, where we last owned a home, where we spent most of our years, or is it something else entirely?

Our travels have taken us to Junction City, Oregon, just outside Eugene, for some quick maintenance work on our RV, or so we thought.  Guaranty RV comes highly recommended so we feel we’re in good hands, albeit hands that we thought would release us within a day, maybe two.  This has proven too good to be true.

Fortune did smile on us by way of an accidental meeting of Howard and Linda, “rock stars” of RV Dreams, a couple whose blog we have followed for many years.  It seems my husband is getting quite the reputation for stalking, as he hunted down Linda in the customer lounge at Guaranty RV and had a similar experience in Mexico no less, with a couple who are now our close friends.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner and visit with Howard and Linda and wish them great success on their upcoming rally.

Our temporary resting place

For those who don’t lead the nomadic lifestyle we do, you cannot appreciate home ever meaning living at a service center while your “house-on-wheels” is lovingly attended to.  We disappear during the day while our house is taken over by technicians tweaking this and replacing that.  After business hours we move back and get tucked in for the night.  Our experience has been different from many who are stationed in Guaranty’s RV lot, although Howard and Linda can also attest to this fun.

The wheels came off!

Our RV is sitting right outside the service bay, wheels off, as we await parts winging their way west, which should arrive Monday.  Yes, we could opt to stay in a hotel, but we have a sense of adventure, you see, and this is part of the RV experience (not to mention it’s free)!  Hence, we, like most who give the question of home more than a passing glance, do not subscribe to the obvious answer of where our RV is parked but more the feelings that live inside that domicile, the safe, nurturing, loving feelings that our surroundings bring forth, the place where we share our hopes and dreams.

Sitting in an RV service bay can be quite the sensory experience, a cacophony of sights and sounds, not for everyone, and certainly not something we care to do anytime again soon.  However, when the door is closed at the end of the day, the feelings of home fill our little house-on-wheels, feelings that we carry with us wherever we go.  So, what does home mean to you?

What are your dreams?

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