Our New Home

A cold spring morning in Elkhart, IN
A cold spring morning in Elkhart, IN

Our travels have taken a shift in another direction as we head towards our next adventure, spending extended time in Ohio helping Terry’s elderly parents.  We know this next phase in our lives will come with some challenges but we believe the rewards will outweigh those ‘bumps in the road’ we may encounter.  The biggest trial for two nomads will be sitting still for so long after traveling for the past ~2 years.  We see organic gardening in our near future and hitting the road again later in the year to avoid the cold midwest winters.

Our new home will be on the parents’ property, where an RV pad is awaiting us. The emphasis here is on “new home” as that is what we now have and the reason we have spent so much time in Elkhart, IN, most likely the RV capital of the country.  Yep, I have given up my dream for a larger motorhome for a slightly smaller, new RV, with the promise of more international travel, right honey? 😉

Terry has always liked the idea of a smaller RV (cause he’s the dude who has been drivin’ it) but I have shuddered at the thought of the two of us co-existing in such small quarters. Given that we are outside so often, it has not been a problem. Surprisingly, our new RV seems more spacious, is much more efficient, and has so many upgrades from our three-year old model.  For someone who loves to cook like I do, more kitchen counter space is heavenly and a walk-in closet in an RV can truly be just that.

Although we already owned a DRV Mobile Suites we decided to tour their manufacturing plant, which I must admit was fascinating.  We felt more secure in our decision to trade in our 3-year old model for another MS after watching the construction from the ground up, everything done by hand.  Another bonus was meeting two lovely couples who are planning to hit the road full-time soon. 🙂

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92 thoughts on “Our New Home

  • Is your new “home” a 5th wheel as well? Glad you got your larger kitchen. One of the pictures of the construction, shows a 5th wheel. If yes, will you still be driving both trucks?

    • Our new home is still a 5th-wheel. It is 2-feet shorter than our last one but seems so much bigger. We will be driving our second truck to Terry’s parents then leaving it there when we do our traveling.

  • Love your new huge kitchen!! That is a plus with fifth wheels, they seem to have much bigger kitchen spaces. Beautiful interior!!

    Enjoy spending time with family. I am sure Terry’s parents are thrilled you’ll be around to help.

    • Thanks John and Pam. We are looking forward to this next adventure, although it will be an adjustment from being out on the road.

  • Gorgeous! So happy for you both, particularly that you’ll be comfortable traveling together going forward . . . That will be wonderful.

    On a related, though slightly “smaller” note – we stopped by the dealership where we got our trailer this morning so they could quickly repair something before we headed out of town. As we were waiting, we wandered around looking at their new inventory and were very happy to discover that our model was still the best fit for our current lifestyle. It’s so nice when you love your rig.

  • WOW!!! A new 5th wheel….you suprised us all!!! What a beaut she is. Enjoy your new home!!

    • I think it surprised us too, but for several reasons, it feels like the right thing to do, and in a couple of weeks we should be receiving our new MCD shades, which I am really excited about. 🙂

  • Congratulations! As you know we live in a smaller rig and we haven’t killed each other yet. I keep thinking one just a little bigger (33-34 ft) just to get more kitchen space. We may try to come thru Ohio this fall, we’ll see if you are still there. If I was in one spot I would love to do some gardening too. I am growing some of my own herbs now.

    • We should be in Ohio during the fall and would love to see the two of you again. I am looking forward to doing some gardening. It has been many years since I’ve had one. Where are you two headed now?

  • Wow! that’s pretty impressive. Did I get this right… you now have two RVs? One to stay put and the other to travel? The organic garden sounds like some excellent compensation for staying put for a little while.

    • I neglected to mention (oops) that we traded our 3-year old in for a new model. I’m hoping that the garden will be a good distraction for sitting still for awhile.

    • It is pretty cold, only getting into the high 30’s here yesterday. I hope spring arrives soon. We are testing out the new furnace for sure.

  • Congratulations. What a lovely 5th wheel. I would kill for that refrigerator. We put in a residential refrig in our MH. I really, really miss it!
    Where are you located in Ohio? Our house is in Canton.

    • I couldn’t do without a larger fridge. We will be located in Englewood, just outside of Dayton. I hope to meet you and Paul someday if you are game. 🙂

  • Lu–
    I’m all confused! Is your new home smaller on the outside — but bigger on the inside? Like Dr. Who’s phone booth?
    I hope you really do enjoy it and can sit on your travelling hands for a while each year. What you are doing is a good thing.
    –miss the two of you

    • It sure does feel that way, more open floor plan, lighter and brighter. We think we are doing a good thing as well. How are you doing my friend? We hope to get to visit you two this summer and catch up. Miss you both. 🙂

  • This was such an exciting post for me LuAnn!! I was born and raised in Elkhart all my life. I know every inch of the land. Yes, we are definately the RV capital of the world. I am so glad you shared this story with us! I adore your new home!!

  • Your new home is so well designed. The kitchen is stunning. I am not sure how I would do in tight quarters but I have to say that if they looked like this I could adjust! I wish you well on this step of your journey. The carrot of course is the promise of International Travel – notice how I capitalized that ? 😉
    I do know that caring for and about your husband’s parents is one decision that won’t be regretted (long term)

    • Thanks so much Lesley. RVing has been my husband’s dream and one that I came around to and now find I enjoy very much. If one did not like the out of doors, this would not be the lifestyle for you. Given the direction we are now headed, it is good that we have our own little home, for all concerned. And I’m holding my husband to his promise of more International Travel. I told him it’s payback time for me following his dreams (lol). 🙂

  • Love the new home! Amazing! My guess, even if you aren’t travelling as much..you’ll still find adventures. Looking forward to seeing you some time in the future. Miss you.

  • Ohio seems to be a lovely state…will you be in the city or country?

    Good for the both of you in deciding to help the family.

    Gardening will be a great way to spend quality time outside… You will just need to wait awhile for spring to get there..

    • We will be in the country outside of Dayton. Gardening is something I did a lot of when we owned ‘sticks and bricks’ homes so I am looking forward to it again. It looks like we will need to wait a bit longer for spring. 😦

  • That is truly and magnificent new RV. The fridge is gigantic!! But I’m confused, are you in Ohio or Indiana? Or on the border!? Ha! I was born and grew up in Cleveland, OH and am nostalgic for Ohio. Your travels have been a joy to follow. I wish you well and happy in your new place

    • We bought the RV in Indiana and are heading to Ohio to assist Terry’s folks from spring through fall, then we will take off for the winter before the cold sets in and travel to a warmer climate. Thanks for the warm wishes Gale. Hope all is well with you.

  • I think trade-in is a great idea, LuAnn! This new model looks very attractive. First RV travel and later international travel, how cool!

  • LuAnn, Your new home is absolutely gorgeous! I mean Wow! You can cook up a storm in that new kitchen! As a kid, I spent many a summer in Elkhart because my grandparents lived there. So glad it’s the source of your new home. Wishing you all the best, Terri

  • Your new home looks absolutely wonderful from your photos LuAnn! Sounds like it suites both of you to a T! The kitchen must be excellent for you to be so pleased. I am very happy for you. Please keep me posted. Travel safe when you hit the road again as you head on to Ohio! And don’t forget I’m here, for any reason needed my friend! 🙂 xo

    • Thanks so much Penny. The much anticipated time has come. If all goes well we will be in Ohio at Terry’s parents’ home later this afternoon. Thanks so much for your offer. I may just take you up on that. I am also giving some thought as to how my blog is going to evolve without the consistent traveling. 🙂

      • Hey I’ve been wondering about that myself, LuAnn (re: the direction of your writing, blogging). Can’t wait to see where your creativity will take us! After you get settled in of course! Good luck! 🙂 xx

  • Hola Lu and Terry, How exciting to hear about your new home and your plans …….I’m very curious about the international travel comment. Do you transport your home to Europe? Can I hide in the closet? Which DRV mobile did you buy? Look forward to seeing it.

    We spent the winter in San Miguel de Allende and did enjoy it. The weather was great except for a few cool days. We met many lovely people so that is a draw to go back. We haven’t decided yet, so time will tell. Actually everyone we met is going back next year and already have their housing nailed down. Not sure what will be left by the time we decide. The prices are going up….it’s very popular. Do you have another suggestion for three months in the winter?

    What is the name of the town you will be at this summer? Ohio is not that far and we will certainly try to come down and see you. It’s been too long. We have been enjoying your blogs, but it’s not like the real thing. This will be a busy summer for us. Bob is going on a missions trip with his son (youth pastor) and high schoolers to New Jersey in June, then we spend a week as volunteers at a camp for foster children..most of whom have been abused, July 17 we leave for Seattle and an inner passage cruise to Alaska, August 16 is Bob’s daughter’s wedding. OK, where in the middle of this are you free? I assume you will you be there in September & October since you mentioned leaving before winter. Am sure we can work something out.

    We wish you well in your adjustment to a new way of life for awhile. Jan and Bob

    • Hello Jan & Bob, So good to hear from you and glad to hear you enjoyed your time in San Miguel. We certainly loved our visit there.

      As far as international travel for us, we will leave Ohio before the snow begins to fly and have so many places on our list to visit. Southeast Asia is one and Central and South America being another. Europe has been on my list for awhile, so that is a consideration as well. We have plans to go back to San Diego for a couple of months next winter, then we will head somewhere (yet to be determined) outside of the US for a couple or three months. We will store the RV in a warmer climate while we are gone, dependent upon where we decide to travel. As far as where to spend 3 months in the winter, we are also trying to figure that one out!

      We are in Englewood, Ohio as of yesterday afternoon. We would love to see the two of you again. We can either come your way or you can come here.

      We hope Bob enjoys his mission trip and you both have a wonderful cruise to Alaska.

      Thanks for the well wishes. Hope you are both healthy and happy. Look forward to seeing you this year. Lu & Terry

  • Woo hoo! Oh, how fun, Lu! I hope you’re settling in well there. Best wishes to you and Terry. Xoxo

  • Elderly parents, and staying put for a while.! Life is certainly ‘full of chapters’, LuAnn… Here’s hoping all goes well (and do write about these events too; a little more ‘personal’ stuff is always welcome; and after all; that’s life too…).
    Your new home looks very cool. Every time I read one of your posts I cast a ‘future eye’ over the possibility of venturing forth, as you have. I’m finding less and less resistance to the idea of being a ‘gray nomad’; it would be so ‘freeing’…
    Organic farming and International Travel…. Fodder for future posts… 🙂

  • this is absolutely amazing! the kitchen gave me a triple take!!!! i’d like to roll up my sleeves and enjoy that kitchen as well!

    ohio. along the river in mississippi, we always looked to ohio in regards to flooding. your rains and flooding wash down to us, and to louisiana like a snowball gathering more material as it goes!

    i hope that the current flooding problems stop soon.

    buen viaje, and i look forward to your posts from ohio.


  • I’ve always wanted one of these babies! I must have been four when I first started dreaming about owning one!

  • Ow So cool!!! It’s still looks big. The bed and the kitchen like you said are spacious!
    Ahhh, look at that. Something about what we talked about during our meet – you going to Ohio.

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