Pass Mountain

Looking out our rear window, Pass Mountain seemed to be calling to us to come and explore so we decided to see what the Pass Mountain Trail was all about.  Having read some literature, it was rated as a strenuous 7.4 mile hike, with some steep rocky descents.  This is the part that filled me with a little trepidation but I was game to give it a try.

This was a great exercise hike, a trail full of ups and downs around the base of Pass Mountain, which is known as Scarface by the locals.  Crossing the saddle at the half-way mark, we arrived at the section described as a rocky, steep descent, but nothing like what I had feared.  It was very doable and offered spectacular views of the backside of Pass Mountain, with Four Peaks in the distance beyond.

Terry, in his element, out on the trail

Terry and I both agreed that we would not have rated this hike as strenuous, more like a moderate trek, with some pretty spectacular desert views.

We have hiked the only lengthy trails in Usery Mountain Park so it is time to branch out to the Superstition Mountains, situated in Tonto National Forest and known for its legend of the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine.  Many years ago we spent time hiking in this wilderness and are looking forward to exploring it once again.

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7 thoughts on “Pass Mountain

  • Looks like a great hike. I’ll need to read back here when we get to Phoenix so we can try this hike. Tell Terry, “Lookin’ good”. 🙂

  • Thanks for the comment. I believe I remember Janie and John talking about meeting you in Wisconsin. I’m looking forward to reading your previous entries as we will be traveling through the Phoenix and Carlsbad Cavern areas in a few months. We’ll be in Tucson until March 3rd, although we’ll be on a cruise from Jan. 19 to Feb. 4. We’d love to meet up with you if time allows.

    • Hi Evelyn,
      Unfortunately we will only be in Tucson from 1/20-1/31 as we have to be in SD for a workamping job on 2/1. Hope you have a great time on your cruise and perhaps we will see you down the road. Take care!

  • Are you kidding…7.4 mile hike?! Boy do we have to gear up down here. We consider 4 miles over cobblestones a lot! Another great post! We both so look forward to reading your posts as we feel we are there with you! Keep um coming!!

  • i love that first picture with the moon over the mountains. but what a view from the backside with 4 peaks! i guess you guys are in such great shape that a ‘moderately strenuous’ hike like Everest would be a day in the park! congratulations. all the hiking is really doing you good.
    Terry – you look great!

    • David, I think a “moderately strenuous” hike like Mount Everest is not even on my bucket list. I cannot fathom why anyone would want a challenge like that. Hope you and Les are doing well. We miss you guys!

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