Maiden Voyage

Today was the maiden voyage for our Sea Eagle 385FT kayak.  Yes, it has driven Terry crazy to have it sitting in our basement and not getting wet, as in out on a lake somewhere.  It has been windy for the past couple of days and today was no exception, but the decision had been made and there was no turning back. Our kayak was going into the water today!  My only hope was that we were not going in with her, as in over the side.  Even though we are in one of the warmest climates in the country right about now, the lake is something I want to enjoy from inside the kayak, not learning how to get back in once you have fallen over the side.

There are many beautiful lakes in the Phoenix area; yeah I know, it is a desert, but really.  We chose Canyon Lake as it was close by and has many coves suitable for kayakers.  Terry had already selected our boating route, the only problem being that we would need to paddle across the main body of the lake to get to the cove and we were looking at whitecaps as we looked out over the water. No matter, we are going, so we will figure that out once we get us and the kayak in the water.

Ok, I'm ready.
 All the mental checklists have been completed and we have a fully inflated kayak with all the accompanying gear (hope she holds water).  We put in, getting only our feet wet, as it should be.  Within a matter of seconds I feel a smack on the back of my head.  It seems that in his zealousness to push off he forgot that I was in the front of the kayak and whacked me in the head with the paddle!  Either that or he just wanted to be sure that I was awake and fully prepared to help us cross the white-capped lake.
After a few minutes of paddling and not getting too far in crossing the lake (and me having visions of ending up in the drink!) I suggested that perhaps we should look at other coves on this side of the lake and come out again on a calmer day to take his planned route and thankfully Terry agreed.
Paddling to get into some of the coves provided us with a good arm workout but once inside, the boating was great.  It was so peaceful and the American coot were so entertaining to watch.  Unfortunately we were not able to get close enough for a good photo as they are so elusive.
I have read that the American coot must run across the water before taking off in flight due to the shape of their wings.  Once in the air, they are great flyers.  When you see their feet, you can see just how they manage to run on water!
One cove that we paddled down became a little disconcerting for us as the reflection of the boulders and cliffs in the water took on an otherworldly nature.  We felt as if we were suspended between two worlds, not certain just where the shoreline ended and the surface of the water began.  It was quite an interesting experience.
Although we would have wished for a less windy day, we had a great time being out on the water and look forward to many more kayaking excursions.
View of the desert floor surrounding the lake
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