Beer Sommeliers Invade Jojoba Hills!

We have begun winding down our time at Jojoba Hills, turning our attention to organizing our 5th-wheel and preparing to wedge, cram, and squeeze all “travel must-haves” into our truck camper, so we weren’t expecting to meet any full-timers until we hit the road again.  Much to my surprise and pleasure, a female solo traveler whose blog I have followed for some time dropped me an email.  She had remembered that we were wintering at Jojoba Hills and let me know she was heading our way…yes!  It was none other than the lovely Suzanne from Take to the Highway!  Before we knew it a few of her other friends also descended on the park, and we had ourselves a regular mini bloggerfest goin’ down at happy hour.

L-R: Terry, Judy, Debbie, Suzanne, Jim, Gayle.  Note that Jim’s sole focus is on the beer!

Judy from Travels with Emma is also a solo wanderer, traveling with doggie Emma and Jim and Gayle write the engaging blog Life’s Little Adventures.  Terry and Debbie live the leisurely life reading other bloggers’ musings.  My apologies to Suzanne as I snapped the photo above when she was enjoying some yummy snacks, but that’s the way it goes sometimes when candid shots are taken.  In fairness I have posted a lovely image of her below enjoying a few of her favorite craft brews.

As the number of brews continued to grow, I felt I was watching beer sommeliers in action, with words like full-bodied, caramelly, and creamy mouth feel being tossed around.  Beer drinking just got elevated to another level!  Unfortunately I was on a restricted diet at the time and beer wasn’t on the list but you can bet I was taking copious notes for a later date.

 Suzanne and her many friends

After our little gathering Terry headed east to assist his mother with moving into new living  arrangements and I was entrusted with preparing our rigs for departure, a daunting task but I was up to the challenge.  First item on the agency was to take a break from all this planning and head for the hills to hike with the gang.  A girl needs exercise too, right?

Jim and Gayle’s friends George and Tina, who have a beautiful home nestled into a canyon outside Hemet, invited the group for a hike in Simpson Park.  We enjoyed a rolling 7-mile hike on the Fireman Trail, with lovely views of Diamond Valley Reservoir and citrus orchards providing a brilliant verdant backdrop to the surrounding mountains.

Fireman Trail with Diamond Valley Reservoir in the distance

L-R: George, Jim, Tina, Gayle, & Suzanne

Suzanne happily capturing wildflowers still clinging to the trail’s edge

A brilliant splash of green provided some captivating views

A couple more happy hours rounded out our time with the gang.  We are thankful they included us in their little group and feel certain we will all meet up again somewhere down the road.  When we do, I better have a notebook handy as I’m sure there will be brews to add to the list.  I see some homework in my future. 🙂

The past several months have sped by for us while we were busy establishing a new winter base, making new friends, and developing new interests.  Although it is difficult to say goodbye to such great folks, we leave with the knowledge that we will all gather back at Jojoba Hills next winter with lots of tales to share.  Our travels will take us to the Northwest this summer and we’re looking forward to reconnecting with many friends who are heading the same direction.  It’s shaping up to be a great summer.  Hope yours is too!

Spring brings new life to the ponds at Jojoba Hills

We are heading up the 395, something we have not done in the spring.  Tips for places to stay, things to do, and trails to hike are always welcome.

Next Stop:  Lone Pine, CA, where the Alabama Hills are calling.

59 thoughts on “Beer Sommeliers Invade Jojoba Hills!

  • Lone Pine was one of our favorite stops right under Mt Whitney’s peak, but I’m not sure the campground could accommodate larger rigs. I suspect you’ll be boondocking down in the Alabama Hills as Nina recommended. Either way, it’s a lovely area. Hope you enjoy it!

  • It is wonderful, that you are meeting so many of your fellow bloggers, while on your journey. Have a safe summer, and send us lots of stories and pictures!

  • great post, though with the slow internet, not all of the images loaded. it was nice to sit in the comfort of the riverhouse and have an outing with all of you! there was one image that caught my eye for a reason that most probably didn’t notice.. those lines streaking across the sky in this photo:”L-R: George, Jim, Tina, Gayle, & Suzanne”

    that’s one scene that i don’t see down here and am always visually affected when i return to the usa and see them painting the sky, especially at the end of the day.

    my skies are streaked with frigate birds!!!

    • I noticed those lines as well Lisa. I love taking photos of skies and would one day love to see some frigate birds in them. 🙂

  • I see a nitro beer on the table. Paul really enjoys the flavor of that type of beer. Me…not a beer drinker.

    What a beautiful day for a lovely hike. It is so wonderful to make new friends and reconnect with old friends. One of the awesome perks of this type of life style. Safe travels.

    • I had not had a nitro beer until Jim introduced me to it. I must say I liked it a lot. And yes, the friendships made is the biggest perk in this lifestyle.

  • It sounded like a wonderful time hiking, catching up, and sampling the various brews. How nice that they all converged at your winter home:) It was nice to see on Gayle’s post that the group hiked trails near by. I didn’t realize there were some nice trails close to you. One day we hope to finally meet up with Jim, Gayle, and Suzanne.

    I hope all goes smoothly for Terry’s mom and Terry as she moves to a new residence.

    Can’t wait to start hearing about your travels as you head north. We are going to come down 395 in the fall. I have pinned so many posts from this trip, it could take us quite awhile to complete the journey. So take good notes and share all you find:) Safe travesl and happy packing:)

    • It was such a nice surprise to get the email from Suzanne, then have her friends follow her. What a great group! We do have some nice hikes nearby, although most require at least a 30-min drive. Terry’s mom is now moved and, although it was an arduous week for him, she is now in a safe place. We are now in Lone Pine, having arrived late yesterday afternoon. The internet has been almost non-existent and will be for us for the next week, but I will post when I can (and take copious note). 🙂

    • We so enjoyed meeting you two and hope to see you again down the road. We toasted you two last night when we got settled at Tuttle Creek. The internet is not good here so my post will be late in coming, probably after we have been here for several days. Safe travels!

  • Impromptu get togethers with fellow bloggers is always a treat. Who would’ve thought this lifestyle could be such a social event. I look forward to following your travels to the Northwest; an area we have yet to explore. I also can’t wait to hear about life in the truck camper. Two weeks was my max 😉

    • I thought this lifestyle would be anything but social but it is the best part imho. I think life in the TC will be fine. With a slide-out it is really roomier than one might think. And the places it will allow us to get into will certainly be a plus.

  • What a great social life you RVers have! I never heard of beer Sommeliers before. You live and learn. ( Whenever I see the word Sommelier, I find it strange how close it is to my maiden name Sommeling.) 🙂 That’s a really gorgeous view, LuAnn, and Momma duck with her ducklings really made me smile. Safe travels up the 395. *hug* Sylvia

    • I hadn’t heard of a beer sommelier either until just recently but craft beers are the up-and-coming thing it seems. Even we RV introverts are enjoying this social life!

  • Those are some beautiful views over Diamond Valley Reservoir. Looked like a lovely hike. We are hoping snow will melt here soon so we can get back to on the trails again too! 🙂

  • Looks like tons of fun with good friends. Blogging really connects one with so many new folks. I love that! Happy trails as you move northward. I’m sending navigation signals to your GPS. 🙂

  • We might be seein you then this winter! Staying in one place does make one a social butterfly and forging new friendships. We have not travelled 395 in spring so looking forward to your posts there.

  • What a wonderful send-off you had from your winter home! We’ve been without internet for a couple of days (FYI, Pinnacles has no connection whatsoever) and I’m just now trying to catch up. So happy that you guys are on the road and already in Lone Pine. Enjoy your journey up 395; I’m looking forward to your posts. See you soon in Ashland! 🙂

    • We have very limited internet as well Laurel and most likely will for the next week. We are heading up to the base of Mt Whitney to dry-camp for a few nights at a small campground. There are a couple of hikes we want to do. Did 11 miles today and Terry thought I was trying to kill him! It is the first hiking he has done since our outing at Anza Borrego with our hiking club. 🙂

  • LuAnn, it appears you and Terry had a fabulous winter. Meeting new friends, welcoming old friends, tasting new craft beers (well making notes for next time), hiking and even playing Pickleball- Wow, fun times! I hope you enjoy your trek north for the summer. I don’t have any suggestions about traveling the 395, but I bet you get some great suggestions! Safe travels!

      • I understand that feeling! I don’t seem to like staying in one place too long when we are traveling. I enjoy the open road and seeing new places. I was reading Judy’s blog the other night and saw, what I thought was you, sitting at a table in one of her photos! And, now she shows up in one of yours!!! Cool beans – as she likes to say! Stay safe.

      • Yes, we had a happy hour soon after they all arrived. It was fun meeting Judy and the rest of the group.

  • I think the word doggie is underused so thanks for getting it out there. I love that blogging is more than just a bunch of people typing away and showcasing their thoughts and art but is so much more. It really is a great way to meet people and to make amazing friends. Of course the beer helps I’ll bet hehe.

  • Wow! You surround yourself with the right people. 🙂 I’m not a big beer fan. I just do like tasting different brands, esp. the ones from brewery restaurants. Those beers look mighty appealing. Exciting adventure ahead! Have fun and be safe. And Lone Pine, I’m looking forward to it.

  • Thank you for sharing your fun time you had with your friends, beer, good food, friendship, hiking… Just so fabulous! 🙂

  • Having fun is what makes everything just right. And sharing the fun with great friends makes it even better!
    Safe travels to you and looking forward to Washington Posts!

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