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Baby it’s cold outside, so when Rommel of The Sophomore Slump, whom so many know (and love), presented a one-time photo challenge, I could think of no better place than south of the border to the near-perfect weather of central Mexico. I have never done a photo challenge before but his Flashback Friday posts are so darn wonderful that it was hard to refuse.

Mexico has gotten a lot of bad press, some warranted, but some overblown by the media as well.  A few years ago we spent a year living near Guadalajara in an area known as Lakeside.   Mexico’s balmy weather and warm, welcoming people drew us in and the opportunity to explore many of her lovely colonial cities was a gift.  Walking the cobbled-stone streets to our yoga and meditation classes, indulging in amazing local foods, rubbing elbows with the locals when riding the “chicken busses” and traveling the country via the first-class ETN bus system blessed us with a colorful, rich, wildly fabulous year.  We gained a deep appreciation and respect for this developing country and its people.  I wish everyone the opportunity to soak in another culture as we were fortunate to have done.  Enjoy my flashback to Mexico!

(click on any photo to be taken to the slideshow)

Painted on a wall in our cabana at La Playa del Carmen was the perfect Graham Greene quote for those of us with wanderlust:  Life is never going to be quite the same again after your passport has been stamped.   So true!

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62 thoughts on “Flashback Photo Challenge

      • Unfortunately not. I had to help look after my family – parents and sister – for a number of years. God decided to see what we could cope with, what our strengths were and how far we would go before losing it. 🙂

      • Thanks Alastair. It is actually both my husband’s parents who are needing help these days. Dad is 93 and mom is 88 and broke her back a few years back, so it is difficult for her to get around, as it was a pretty serious break and left her somewhat debilitated.

      • I feel most for Terry’s mom as she was always very vibrant and has many limitations since her accident. Best to live each and every day as we don’t know what is ahead for us, do we?

      • When I had my accident, I didn’t think about it. I lived every day as it came. As far as I was concerned, the doctor told me I “may” have problems later in life. I was 20, I didn’t care. I was about to move out of home. Time to party.

        Now I wish I had cared more about it. Had I done and looked after myself a bit more, I may not be in the position I am now, and I would have been able to do more with my kids

      • I’m sorry Alastair, I didn’t know about your accident. Hope you are not dealing with too many issues today from that time.

      • Unfortunately I’m disabled now because of it. But it’s one of them. I deal with it, only way to be. Either deal with it and take two ton of pain killers or give up. I’m not the givey up kind any more. I gave up drugs, I gave cigarettes, I gave up alcohol, and I gave up … well … it’s true what they say … “If you give up smoking, drinking and sex, you don’t live longer, it just seems like it” 😉

      • Trying to work out what I have. I gave up drugs when I found out my ex was pregnant, I gave up smoking 31st January 2006, and I’m single LOL

    • I had so many photos from our year in Mexico that I had to finally stop downloading. I had to pass on a few places we visited. How are you doing? Are you back in Colorado?

  • Absolutely wonderful…so true…a great place with such special people. We will always cherish our time there and, of course, meeting two of the most precious people in the world!!

  • Thanks for the flash back. 🙂 John and I have seriously thought of spending at least a winter south of the border, many possibilities. Met a couple who lived in San Miguel and I know they also loved it.

  • Thanks for helping us relive many of those memories in Ajijic. We are very much enjoying San Miguel de Allende this winter, but we still tend to favor Ajijic…..miss the dancing and the lake front. Time will tell where we return …both beautiful spots.

    • Glad to hear you are enjoying San Miguel but I must admit, you had quite a special spot overlooking the lake in Ajijic. Loved that day we came over and danced on the patio. 🙂

  • Colorful, beautiful and great capture! The many times we were there is of course via cruise ships which means only been to touristy areas. And the most recent one when we ran to the border for some dental stuff.
    Im sure you have more pictures that you wished you can fit in here.

  • Wonderful Pictures, so colourful, Mexico, there is so much out there which needs to be discovered! It is great certainly to travel. Travel is the only thing which is when you spend money on it it makes you richer. ! Go on show me the world, I enjoy travelling with you!

  • The quote is so true. Now that I reflect back on our first visit to Mexico, the people, culture, and beauty of the area did make a deep impression on our lives.

    • They are really a lovely people. Having spent so many years living in Scottsdale and Phx, I had only heard the bad side of Mexico so it was good to get some personal experience.

  • LuAnn, these photos are so colorful. Your eye doesn’t know where to look first because they are ALL brilliant! I so agree, it would be great if everyone could partake of others cultures…more understanding then would take place. PS…my husbands favorite place is Mexico♥

  • This is my email – yvanfil@yahoo.com I’ll give you my phone number when you email me the exact location. I just remembered I broke my GPS so this is going to be tricky. Ima have to use my poor sense of direction when I go there. 😀

    • I have done some research so I will try to be as detailed as possible when I send you the email. I have a poor sense of direction as well but luckily still have a GPS.

  • What a stunning set of photos LuAnn! I have been to Mexico several times but only the touristy beach locations. These photos prove there is much more to see and explore that I’d be interested in. 🙂

  • LuAnn, you have some AMAZING pictures here. I LOVED visiting Mexico through your lens/eyes.
    So happy you took the challenge!

  • Just a note to say we continue to think about you and Terry, and give thanks that we had the opportunity to meet. Mike and I are both intrigued by your time in Mexico and are giving serious thought to doing something very similar in a few years, after we quell our current we- just- retired! wanderlust. I am searching your blog now, looking for more info . . .

    • If you get to that point, please feel free to call or send an email. We would be happy to share any tips we have learned. Given that we are going to be spending more time with Terry’s folks for the time being, we are kicking around the idea of spending a couple of months in another country, hopefully after our time here next year. We would love to meet up with you and Mike again sometime so let’s definitely keep in touch. 🙂

  • A great pictorial of Mexico. I loved every single one of them LuAnn. Gives one a real feel for the country! Thank you for sharing these, I hope being there was as much fun as taking the pictures must have been! 🙂

  • What a wonderful gallery Luann! Have you posted about your time in Mexico? Would love to read the stories behind these images 🙂 Our plans for next year are still fluid, but Mexico is one of the options we are considering.

    • I started my blog when we were headed to Mexico as many friends and family thought we were crazy going into such a dangerous country. We wanted to show them how safe we really were. They are a year’s worth of posts on Mexico.

  • Wonderful post, LuAnn. I love all your photos, but my favourites are the bronze sculpture, the Mexican angel and that gorgeous iguana. I’ve been to Cancun and Chichen Itza, but haven’t seen much of Mexican life, as we were with family in a resort for most of the time. Next time, I have to see the real Mexico. 🙂

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