Flashback Photo Challenge

Baby it’s cold outside, so when Rommel of The Sophomore Slump, whom so many know (and love), presented a one-time photo challenge, I could think of no better place than south of the border to the near-perfect weather of central Mexico. I have never done a photo challenge before but his Flashback Friday posts are so darn wonderful that it was hard to refuse.

Mexico has gotten a lot of bad press, some warranted, but some overblown by the media as well.  A few years ago we spent a year living near Guadalajara in an area known as Lakeside.   Mexico’s balmy weather and warm, welcoming people drew us in and the opportunity to explore many of her lovely colonial cities was a gift.  Walking the cobbled-stone streets to our yoga and meditation classes, indulging in amazing local foods, rubbing elbows with the locals when riding the “chicken busses” and traveling the country via the first-class ETN bus system blessed us with a colorful, rich, wildly fabulous year.  We gained a deep appreciation and respect for this developing country and its people.  I wish everyone the opportunity to soak in another culture as we were fortunate to have done.  Enjoy my flashback to Mexico!

(click on any photo to be taken to the slideshow)

Painted on a wall in our cabana at La Playa del Carmen was the perfect Graham Greene quote for those of us with wanderlust:  Life is never going to be quite the same again after your passport has been stamped.   So true!

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