Go Light Your World

In spectacular fashion, the sunrise announces her arrival.
In spectacular fashion, the sunrise announces her arrival.

This morning we had the most breathtaking sunrise, the kind that a camera could not begin to fully capture.  As I was snapping away, trying to do justice to this stunning sight, I was reminded of the beautiful light shows we are blessed with, compliments of Mother Nature.  I feel so fortunate to have been granted the sight to take in these amazing displays and found myself reflecting back to a concert that we had attended many years ago, when I was first introduced to Kathy Troccoli.

Her music, both Christian and pop, is magical, but it was her song “Go Light Your World” that left its mark and was running through my mind while taking in this brilliant yet serene sunrise.  We all carry that lightness inside us, shining brightly at times, yet at other times dimly flickering and cold.  My hope is that we can all shine our light brightly and carry it out to share with others.  Get out there and “go light your world”!  

Whatever your belief system, I think we can all relate to this inspiring video.  Enjoy!

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