One Final Sun-Kissed Morning ~ Horton Creek Campground near Bishop, CA

Time to head on down the road once again but still time left to revel in one final sun-kissed morning, as I make a turn to admire the mountain ranges all around me.  The mountains, alpine lakes and meadows have been breathtaking, but I have failed to mention how beautiful the farmland is around this part of California.  For miles, golden meadow grasses sway in the breeze and cattle and horses grace the fields.  I could not resist one final drive down a country road outside the campground in the quiet early morning hours to admire this stunning landscape.  And here is just a glimpse of the beauty that has surrounded us this past week:

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BTW, if you happen through Bishop, it is quite the little town.  Stop by the Galen & Barbara Rowell Mountain Light Gallery for some of the most fabulous nature photography I have ever seen.  And if you are hungry, Thai Thai, a nondescript Thai food restaurant at the airport or the Holy Smokes Texas Barbecue are both outstanding.

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39 thoughts on “One Final Sun-Kissed Morning ~ Horton Creek Campground near Bishop, CA

  • National Geographic will be knocking on your door, Lu. You have really taken some fantastic photos on this trip. Aren’t you glad you got that camera? These photos of these old buildings remind me of Bodie, but I guess you didn’t go to see it. It was up near Bridgeport. I’m glad you are enjoying my state. I hope we can see each other before you leave it.

  • What a wonderful time you two are having. Your post get better ever time I read them. I wasn’t able to get the slide show to work but could feel your words as written. Miss you both!!

  • I love the Bishop area! The Beef Jerkey place is delicious and don’t forget to stop at Shotz Bakery for some great bread and sweets. If you are coming down the 395 you must stop at Manzanar Internment camp located along the route. They have done some work on it and it an interesting place to visit. Also you HAVE to visit the Alabama Hills up the road from Lone Pine. It is a wonderful place to do a day trip. Travel across Movie Road to get you into the big boulders. If you stop in Lone Pine you can find maps which will show you all of the movies that have been filmed there and where they are. The Alabama Hills is one of my favorite places to camp. It is BLM land and is free to primitive camp. There are also a ton of BLM campgrounds around. Good fishing too, if you are into that.

    • Thanks for all the info Nancy. We did stop at the beef jerky shop and Schat’s, both very tasty. We have plans to go to Manzanar and went to the movie film museum yesterday. Guess where we are camped? The Alabama Hills with its many strange rock formations drew us in. Internet reception is almost nil here but I plan to do a post when I can. It seems you are inside my head (lol).

      • Did you stop for a soak in Keough’s hot springs? But if you are in the Alabama Hills you may not want to travel back to Bishop as it is right outside of Bishop.( When you go to Manzanar across the highway is a road called Manzanar’s Reward. If you follow that road down a ways you will find a great fishing hole where we have caught Crawfish. It is one of my favorite fishing holes because of its beauty, not because we caught fish there. Have fun!

      • Thanks Nancy. I love all your tips. We did not make it to Keough’s Hot Springs. We will have to leave it for another time. 🙂

    • You definitely should have this on your list. The Eastern Sierras are simply beautiful. We are boondocking right now near Lone Pine so internet connectivity is very spotty but the location is well worth the frustration. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Susan and I appreciate the visit. I will be coming by your site to visit shortly, if my internet connection allows. Being out in the boonies is not conducive to writing a blog! 🙂

  • The slide show did not come up. Too bad. I haven’t been in Bishop since 1992. Would like to see the changes there. Never heard of the businesses you mentioned!

    Gale Grove”whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

    Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 15:09:53 +0000 To:

      • Oh dear…. I’m not sure I deserve to be held up for comparison. What I do suspect is that this blogging helps us develop to our potential. I’m almost embarrassed to suggest you look at some of my early stuff to see what I started out with. Just keep shooting (& writing) and you’ll amaze yourself. 😉

      • Thanks Gunta and I think you are right. I went back recently and looked at some of my older photos and feel I am making some progress. I tend to look at others’ photos, at their composition, formatting, lighting, etc. and try to learn from others. Have a great weekend. 🙂

    • Boulder is so beautiful and we would love to live there, if finances allowed. Instead, we have found the perfect lifestyle for us right now. Thanks for stopping by Amy! 🙂

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