Who would have thought that we would come to Tulsa, OK and experience an earthquake?!  I have always thought that OK has a mixed bag of weather in not the most pleasant sense; i.e. hot and humid, bitter cold and damp, droughts, floods, fires, tornadoes, and earthquakes.  I did not think in my wildest dreams that we would be sitting here in our rig when an earthquake hit.

Yesterday morning at 2:12 am we learned that an earthquake measuring 4.7 occurred in Prague, OK, about 50 miles from Tulsa.  It was reported as the second strongest quake in Oklahoma’s history, behind a 5.5 in El Reno that struck in 1952.  We slept right through that one but at 10:53 pm last night, as we were watching a local news reporter discuss the earthquake that occurred in the wee morning hours, the floor of our rig began to vibrate and a startled look came across the reporter’s face.  Yep, an aftershock and the first earthquake that Terry had ever felt.  What we soon learned was that this tremor registered a 5.6, the largest in OK history, occurring 4 miles east of the town of Sparks.  So my question is, when the aftershock registers higher than the original earthquake, is it still considered an aftershock or is it officially an earthquake, particularly when it sets a state record?!

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