Farewell to Summer


 eyes brightly reflect

flushed innocent faces

unlimited possibilities

vast as billowing clouds

grazing azure heavens

~Hopefulness swells~



shoulders rounded

life’s weight evident

dreams withered

cast like seed heads

astride stiffening winds

~Resignation settling~



isolated thoughts

whispering when…how

days’ limits palpable

reverberate bittersweet

in slowing gait

~Farewell to summer~

© LuAnn Oburn 2013

Time to bid adieu to summer, our season of myriad changes, emotions, and revelations, but mostly one of blessings, for time allowed to aid aging parents with their struggle to retain independence, light-hearted family visits, friends who touched us in innumerable ways, and the gift of continued inner growth. Although there are aspects of this summer we hope not to revisit, we are grateful for the wisdom we have gained.  Farewell Ohio!

This Longing


tiny butterfly wings

fluttering beneath breastbone

keeping rhythm with quickening heartbeat

gathering tempo as enchanting memories flourish



time creates distance

intense primal need escalating

bathed in intoxicating salty scent and taste

midnight shadows welcome sweet seductive visit



soulful aching pain

primordial calling at first touch

gasp as cool fingers caress warm skin

visceral, smoldering pain colliding with pleasure


This longing…









© LuAnn Oburn 2013

Calling of the sea
Calling of the sea

We Are Their Hope

We live as though blind

when we come upon your sight;

so much easier

not to see your plight.


You sit here daily

with eyes downcast.

We scurry by quickly

pushing you into the past.


Where is your family?

Why are you alone?

How can I help?

You look chilled to the bone.


This could be me

in the blink of an eye.

It matters not your story,

no reason to ask why.


Let’s just do what we can

for those in great need.

Please don’t turn away

or watch as they bleed.


The holidays fast approach,

a particularly tough time.

No delays, no back burner;

now is the time.

© LuAnn Oburn 2012