Hiking in Red Rock Splendor

We set aside a good deal of time while in Sedona to catch up on tune-ups for our vehicles, tune-ups for ourselves (doctor appointments), and catching up with friends.  We did manage to squeeze in a few hikes, which we would have sorely regretted if we had not taken the time.

Sedona has such a network of hiking trails.  I won’t even venture to guess how many; the list goes on and on, with many taking on the names of their beloved namesake rock formations; i.e.  Rabbit Ears, Coffepot Rock, Cowpies (no kidding), and Bell Rock, just to name a few.

Rabbit Ears
Coffeepot Rock

The hike we decided upon was a combination of three connecting trails, Teacup, Soldiers’ Pass and ending on Brins Mesa, with some absolutely stunning views throughout.  The hike totaled 8 miles with the added bonus of most of it being downhill on the way back.  It is one thing to see the red rocks as you head into Sedona by way of a vehicle but to get out into this wilderness and explore adds another dimension of beauty.

Can you see the priest and 3 nuns in the background to the right?

For those who do not enjoy hiking but would like to get out and see some of the spectacular views and learn a little more about the history of this part of Arizona, many of the better known rock formations can be seen from the road and there are numerous Native American ruins in the area, two of which I have included photos of below.

Montezuma Castle

It is time to say goodbye to our Sedona friends.  From here we are heading to Mesa to the Usery Mountain Regional Park where we plan to soak up the sun and enjoy more desert hikes.

Raven silouette captured while hiking

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