A Disquieting Hiatus

A hiatus from my blog was never part of my vision, but neither did I contemplate how I would feel after the November 8th national election. Looking back at that fateful day, once the shock wore off, I easily slipped into activist mode, forsaking my blog, as writing at that time meant scripting my fears.  It seemed less painful to hold my breath, maintain a controlled distress.  I had seen so many on both sides of the aisle succumb to scorching criticism from those in their social circles, leaving bruised feelings in their wake.

Yes, we are in a very polarizing time in our history, one which leaves me weary as I swim through a deep well of sadness.  I feel the need to stay informed on pressing matters in our country and the world as I, like so many, have had my complacency exposed.  I can no longer go back to that idyllic ‘ignorance is bliss’ time in my life but my need for some semblance of harmony is acute.  So, how to balance this newfound discovery?  That is the question that echoes through the hallways of my mind.

Regular exercise, visits from friends, and meditation have all been cornerstones for me these past few months and I am grateful for them all.  Thankfully consuming large amounts of alcohol didn’t become part of my daily routine, although it may have had the coveted numbing effect.  Nothing fills up those empty spaces for me more than connecting with the natural world, filling that wild spot that resides in my soul.  I yearn for the muted ebb and flow of nature’s rhythms, far removed from the harsh reality of our everyday lives, where the frequent reminder that many of us have forgotten our connectedness to each other is too commonplace.

We have departed once again for our summer adventures.  I feel lighter already as I look ahead to the  uninterrupted breathing space that I always find in wilderness.  We will be spending our summer in Yellowstone National Park volunteering as program assistants for Yellowstone Forever, fka Yellowstone Association.  Reconnecting with friends and supporting the naturalists who conduct field seminars should make for a stimulating summer.  As internet allows, I will share some of our exploits.  Stay tuned!

“There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.  There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled. You feel it, don’t you?”  ~  Rumi

49 thoughts on “A Disquieting Hiatus

  • Yes, I completely understand blog silence. I am having a difficult time as well. Nature is the best way to soothe our souls. I am currently immersed in a very lush northern CA forest setting, with courting birds and budding trees, bubbling streams and any manner of natural distractions and it is therapeutic. May your summer adventures be soul satisfying.

  • So glad you are back to blogging! I, for one, have missed your blog, very much. I am anxious to hear what all you will be learning and doing, this summer.

  • I “went dark” for a long while as well. Like you, I have found nature and self-care to be helpful, but I’ve also ventured timidly back online, even speaking my mind (in the tiniest of whispers!) on occasion. I so strongly dislike confrontation and disharmony, but I am starting to feel full silence may be worse. We all have to take our own baby steps into the new world order, I guess. Enjoy your wonderful-sounding summer!

    • Thanks so much! As a self-proclaimed “empath”, I detest all the lies and the deflections. The only way for me to have some balance is to get back into nature on a regular basis. Hope your summer is wonderful as well!

  • LuAnn, I’m glad you’re back to blogging, too. This has definitely been a disquieting time in many ways, but as you said, there’s nothing like nature to soothe the soul. And good friends. Combining the two is even better. I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures in Yellowstone, and we can’t wait to see you guys in Glacier in September! Hugs to you both from both of us.

    • So glad to be back Laurel. We are looking forward to our summer, although my recently repaired camera, just a few weeks ago, is already “sick” again…very frustrating. Trying to decide about a replacement camera. Looking forward to seeing you both in the fall. Thrilled that you are back on the road again. 🙂

  • We spent many summer vacations when we lived in Montana at a friend’s cabin near Gardiner, Montana and each summer would venture into the Park at least once to hike or enjoy a drive. Such a lovely place to regroup and restore your spirit, soothe your soul and find your place in the natural world. I can well understand your “disquiet” since the election as I’ve also been anxiously following the news trying to glean small signs of hope each day. Enjoy your summer and especially the chance to shift your priorities! Anita

  • Totally understand everything you said, and very much looking forward to your summer pics from Yellowstone.


    • Thanks Nina. Being too absorbed in our political climate is not healthy for any of us, but sticking our heads in the sand isn’t helpful either. It is certainly a fine balancing act. Hope all is well with you and Paul.

  • Welcome back LuAnn. We too were depressed for weeks. Immobilized. Honestly the shock has not subsided and it still feels to me like a terrible nightmare or really bad movie, Ben has been writing tge occasional political post in and amongst our regilar ones… as a record of ongoings and as a way for him, of dealing with it.

    Nothing heals or recharges better than nature. Sounds like an incredible summer for you both! What a fabulous volunteering idea. Look forward to reading about it.


    • Thanks Peta. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Ben’s posts…spot on! I take great comfort in knowing there are many who share my thoughts. I am looking forward to a nature-filled summer.

  • As I mentioned in my email, LuAnn, you and Terry need to enjoy this sojurn for the summer. Yes, it is definitely a wonderful way to refill your tanks with positive thoughts and hopes, by communing with nature again. Beautiful forests and sunny beaches can do this well. Glad that you two are doing this once again……………Rog & Gayl

    • Miss you too! I am going to ship back the camera for additional work and in the meantime order another one, once I decide what to buy. Have a great summer!

    • Thanks Alison. I have asked you this question before, so forgive me for needing the reminder again. What camera are you using? I think you had mentioned it was a Panasonic (FZ1000?). I just had my FZ200 repaired right before we left for our trip and I am having the same problem again after just a couple of weeks…grrrr. I am going to order another camera, then send mine in again while it is still under warranty.

  • Your writing is always like a soothing balm for me, but even more so since I know we both wrestle with the delicate balance between hesitating to turn our attention toward something we don’t want, while trying to create something we do want. I am so glad you are in such a magnificent place. I am reminded of my favorite Thoreau quote, “I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.” I trust your time in Yellowstone will be a big step toward stabilization of the wobble we felt on that unforgettable day last November…

    • We just received another demo today on bear spray and what to do when you encounter a bear. It was an all-day extravaganza with National Park Service scientists and other naturalists. I will have to get comfortable again hiking in grizzly country.

    • Thanks Nicole. We are in the middle of an intense training week and a winter storm! Internet is going to be a challenge this summer but being in Yellowstone surpasses any other issues.

      • Yes it does! Do you have a smartphone? My iPhone has a hotspot and I can use it to connect my computer to the internet anywhere in the US. It is quite slick. You may have to pay extra but it is great.

  • Hi Lu! I feel what you feel! It tightens the chest. Thanks for writing that. I SO wish I could see you! I love you and Terry and think about you always and share your lives (not names) with many who are thinking about embarking on the same lifestyle. If I had a partner in life I would do it too! Both my sisters have bought trailers for short trips but I cold see one of them upgrading and hitting the traveling road! You have so many wonderful adventures and have met new friends along the way. I am very happy for you both! Love always and forever! Kathie

    • I would love to see you be able to follow your dreams and spend time in other places, as I know that has been a passion of yours. Don’t give up hope! Miss you girl!

  • It’s always exciting t know you are on the nature trail again, life is a funny beast at the moment, to say the least but with good friends, it seems a lot easier.

    • It has been crazy busy since we have arrived at Yellowstone NP. I hope to be able to blog about it soon. Hope you are well Ste J. Unfortunately, given our remote location, internet is not always as available as I would like it to be.

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