Not Your Ordinary “Chip” ~ Mt. Woodson, Poway, CA

Recently our hiking club decided to tackle the Mt. Woodson trail, a hike that I suggested they add to their list.  This is a hike I had hoped to do with a blogger friend, but divergent schedules and car troubles resulted in a missed opportunity.  Soon after said friend boarded a plane and jet-set off to faraway lands.  I am dedicating this short post to that zany guy who is the talented author of The Sophomore Slump blog. Rommel, I carried you along in spirit up the trail. 🙂

Mt. Woodson has two approaches to the summit, the western approach a 5.5 mile loop with a 1500 foot elevation gain and the eastern approach, somewhat more aggressive at 6.8 miles and 2300 feet up the mountain.  Our hiking group chose the western approach but I must admit the eastern approach, which has its beginnings at Lake Poway, seems it might have the more diverse views along the way.  However, either approach has huge boulders strewn across the mountainside, making for an interesting hike.

And both approaches are steep climbing, but if you keep your focus on the reason you chose this hike, the journey becomes less arduous (mind over matter, yes?).  And the reason most choose this hike is to get their photo taken on the cantilevered flake of rock near the top known as Potato Chip Rock.  Many a hiker has stood in a long line to have their picture taken on the Chip, some testing fate with handstands, jumps, and yoga poses near the edge.  For me the bigger challenge was climbing the boulder to get to Potato Chip Rock.

If you decide you gotta have that photo of yourself doing stunts on a rock seemingly suspended in mid-air, plan a visit during the week, unless standing in line for an hour is your thing.  Your reward once down the mountain should be lunch at The Yellow Deli imho. 😉

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