This Nomadic Life ~ The People You Meet

I have a little secret to share.  I am an introvert, and being such, I was more than a little nervous about plunging into this RVing lifestyle.  Who would we meet? Would I have anything in common with them?  When I was firmly ensconced in my career, few saw me as an introvert.  I knew my stuff and felt totally comfortable standing up in front of a large group of people, giving presentations. Doesn’t sound much like an introvert, right?  This new adventure was taking me out of my comfort zone so I wondered if I might retreat back into my little shell, much like a hermit crab when you pick him up.

Who is that with Terry?
Who is that with Terry?  Hard to tell with my blurry photo!

I have been pleasantly surprised by the wonderful folks we’ve met in the past 1.5 years on the road.  What I have discovered, and should have known had I stopped to think for five minutes, is that we all share the travel bug.  We all have a passion for seeing this beautiful country, the good old USA, her exciting cities and all their variety, soaring mountains, stunning desert vistas, rugged coastline, national monuments and parks… so much to offer.   A passion for nature weaves a common thread through each of us, so I no longer wonder when we pull into a new campground.  I feel certain that we will meet interesting people with whom we can forge that connection, even with just a passing greeting.

When we booked our reservation into Cave Creek Regional Park, what I did not know was that a couple from Colorado, whose blog I follow, Live Laugh RV, would be parked right next door, a little serendipitous for sure.  We have had the opportunity to enjoy a meal at the Buffalo Chip Saloon (cause we are in the Wild West you know) and a few hours around the campfire with Ingrid and Al, swapping stories of where we had been and where we are headed.

Terry, Ingrid and Al
Terry, Ingrid and Al

This RV lifestyle, once approached with trepidation, I now look upon as a grand adventure, in awe of the jaw-dropping beauty around every corner and thankful for the great folks who have provided such color and texture along the way.

Desert at dusk
Desert at dusk

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