Līgo Circle of Appreciation

Many of you know that I am not one to accept awards comfortably, other than a most humble thank you to the sender.  I have often asked myself why this is and perhaps it stems from way back in my childhood and that little voice that at times still tries to break through and say “not good enough”.  Whatever the case, I do appreciate the positive comments from so many of you and find this blogging community to be one that has inspired me more than words can say.

The Līgo Circle of Appreciation is not an award per se, but a symbol of appreciation, and one that I will graciously accept, thanks to Rommel of The Sophomore Slump, who included me in a list of  some very impressive blog sites.  He has a ton of followers, but if you are one of the few who have not made it over to his site yet, I insist you do.  You will find stunning photography and some amazing posts, covering a variety of subjects.

Here is how the  Līgo Circle of Appreciation works:

For a duration of 22 days, beginning October 1, 2012, 2 bloggers per day will be invited to join the circle.  Again a reminder that this is an appreciation, not an award.  Leave it to me to come in just under the wire (last day), but hey, I’ve been wandering around out in the boonies lately and internet connectivity has not been very friendly.

To participate in the Līgo Circle of Appreciation, you must:

  •  Complete this sentence about blogging: ”A great blog is…
  •  Refer back to the blogger who invited you.
  •  Invite 2 bloggers to join the Līgo Circle of Appreciation on a post.

So, here goes:

A great blog is something that reaches out and touches my soul.  It can be heartbreaking, breathtakingly beautiful, thought-provoking, put a smile on my face, make me belly laugh, teach me something, get my creative juices flowing, just plain tug at my heartstrings.

So many bloggers do this and Rommel of The Sophomore Slump, mentioned above, has done all this and more for me on countless occasions.  Unlike Rommel, I do know how to count (hehe) and, although it will be quite difficult to include just two, I am planning to do just that.  Whether they decide to acknowledge or accept this appreciation, I want them to know how much their blogs have inspired me, moved me, and pushed me to be better.  Here are my two:

  1. Nina of Wheeling It and her wonderful husband Paul, their near-perfect doggie Polly, and two cats Rand and Taggart have completely won us over and I am honored to say they are now our friends.  Full-time RVers for the past few years, Nina is an amazing writer and photographer, and has taught my husband and I so much about this RV way of life.  Nina, we appreciate you and Paul both more than you could know.
  2. Penny Howe of the why about this blog has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and play with my creative side, which I didn’t think I had!  I am finding this to be great fun and her posts have touched me to the core.  I appreciate you so Penny, as I know so many others do as well.

This blogging community is so totally amazing and I must say has changed my life, reading the perspective of writers from all around the globe and being mesmerized by their photography.  What a beautiful way to reach out and unify the world.  Thank you all for your inspiration! 🙂

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