Hacienda Guadalupe

Welcome to our humble little abode south of the border!  We have settled into a 2-bedroom, 2-bath rental house in the village of San Antonio Tlayacapan (Ta lie ya ca pon), which borders the village of Ajijic. To give some perspective, since we walk everywhere, it is a 20-minute walk into the heart of Ajijic, which is the area we had focused on prior to our move.  To live here is to feel as if you have stepped back into the past about 50 years, given the cobblestone streets and caballeros on horseback in various parts of town.  Terry and I still have a difficult time believing we are actually here, then we hear the occasional rooster and that seems to bring us back to the present!

In an attempt to draw you into our world, I thought I would take you on a tour of the house and gardens within our gated walls.  Since we live in a very temperate climate, with the daytime temp hovering around 75 and a nighttime temp of 65 degrees, we are told everything grows here.  The plants are numerous and very prolific, with brilliantly colored flowers.  I have not yet studied the names of the plants that thrive here, but have already noted many that we grew during our time in Arizona.  Given the increased humidity, I venture to guess that plants here grow at a much more rapid pace.  One of our neighbors told us yesterday that if one were to cut the top off of a pineapple and plant it, a new pineapple would appear in about 6 months (hard to imagine).

We are nearing the end of the rainy season but almost daily we still receive some precipitation, or at least beautiful billowy clouds which drape down over the mountaintops.  Many of the rainstorms arrive at night and the thunder and lightning that accompany them can be quite spectacular.

So, enough of my ranting.  Let’s take a tour!

This is a view outside the gate of Hacienda Guadalupe, a very small community of 6 homes, with ours being the only rental.

Given that we live amongst other homeowners who take advantage of the perfect climate, we are enjoying the fruits of their labors.  The gardens are just lovely!

You can tell who is not a homeowner here.  Ours is a rather bland landscape compared to the rest of the neighborhood.  We may have to do something about that!

Let’s take a peek into the inside of this lovely hacienda, shall we?

This is the kitchen, where all the serious cooking is done (once it is stocked).

The living room ~ note the brick ceiling, which is called a boveda in Mexico.  It is the Spanish name for arch and is a very strong support system that insulates the house against both the summer’s heat and winter’s chilly nights.  Most Mexican homes do not have heat or air conditioning and it is not an inconvenience, due to the temperate climate.

Next stop master bedroom, with a bath, office and walk-in closet off of it.  Don’t I sound like a realtor trying to sell you something?

Note the use of the boveda once again for the ceiling.

Quaint little patio off the kitchen and master bedroom.  Great place to enjoy a nice comida (lunch).

Welcome to our mirador, the covered rooftop terrace, where spectacular views of the lake and mountains can be found.  Our guilty pleasure is to enjoy a great meal, accompanied by a lovely bottle of wine, or watch the sunset, also accompanied by a lovely bottle of wine, from this vantage point.

Here are a couple of views from our rooftop.

Did I mention that we have two bedrooms?  Plenty of room for those wishing to escape the cold winters in the US!  Until next time ~ adios!

8 thoughts on “Hacienda Guadalupe

  • This is spectacular!!! If the price were right, who would want to leave there? Your place is absolutely beautiful!!! I have an idea that you will do something about the landscape in your own area, but it’s gorgeous just as it is. A lot of people wouldn’t add a thing to their surroundings, because it is “just a rental,” but I don’t think the two of you are like that, especially when you have room to add to the already lovely area. I am so excited for you. And yes, you do sound something like a real estate agent. However, you sound a little more sincere than an agent would. Congratulations on your find. Live and thrive!

  • Lu,

    This is just breathtaking! I can see why you love it so. The green is something that is missing here and that I long for, sometimes. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Hi Lu and Terry!

    Buenos Dias! I am SO THERE! Your new accomadations are so beautiful and don’t get me started on the Mirador! The views take your breath away! I don’t think you could have chosen a more perfect location to unwind and start your journey abroad.
    What you are doing ( through your blog in this and the last entry) is putting a face on a people, a country and a culture that has, through ignorance and lack of interest on our part, been reduced to sound bites of murder, drugs, laziness and poverty. In reality, the beauty, values, joy of life and families exude through your updates. We all have alot to learn. Maybe we cannot all take off for months at a time and venture into different landscapes, but we certainly can take off the blindfolds that hold us hostage to a view of the world which is reduced to black and white and us/them. We are all vested in living our lives in a happy and healthy way and it is such a joy to see this through your blog. The lessons keep coming, Lu. They are beautiful people, beautiful children living lives in a paradise that we are getting to know through your eyes and thoughts. Once again, I am brimming with pride for all that you do!
    Get the room ready…I am coming down and will have to be forcibly removed!
    Love to you both, Barb (your AC)

    • Buenos Dias Mi Anam Cara,

      You are one of the rare individuals who can sift through what we have all read in the media and know that nothing is black and white. I have not yet had an opportunity to write a blog about the people who live in this country, but I plan to, as I am reminded everyday that there are beautiful people everywhere, and Mexico is no exception. Virtually everyone we come into contact with on the street and in the markets greets us and smiles. The locals here are a proud, hardworking, family-oriented people who are warm and engaging.

      Your room will be waiting for you and there is nothing better I would like than to sit on the mirador with you, looking out over the lake, sharing thoughts as we have done so many other times.

      Te amo,


  • Hi Ly and Terry!
    I am so wishing I was there with you! Your place is adorable! A storm has been visiting us everyday in the afternoon for three days. We should have sun by the weekend in time for the Sedona Art Festival. I love reading your blog! Thanks for sharing!
    Love you

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