The Trail Less Traveled ~ Sky Trail to Sculptured Beach ~ Point Reyes, CA

Oft times it is the trail less traveled that rewards us with the most treasures. Expansive vistas, fern-covered forest floors full of rich, earthy smells, colorful berries and wildflowers, busy bees at work, trilling of songbirds, and the powerful surging of ocean tides on sculptured rocks await those who dare to venture these paths.

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These are just a few of the sights, sounds, and smells we experienced on the Sky Trail > Woodward Valley Trail > Coast Trail down to Sculptured Beach, a moderate 10-mile round trip of pure delight!

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18 thoughts on “The Trail Less Traveled ~ Sky Trail to Sculptured Beach ~ Point Reyes, CA

  • BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! Did you take these with your new camera? Fantastic!!! Looks like a very nice hike. Glad you are still having fun. Stay safe.

    • I did take them with my camera. Sadly I am still learning how to use it. I need to sit still for a few hours and do more reading up on just what it can do. Are you enjoying your new camera? I’m thinking photos of hikes in YNP are in order on that blog of yours!

  • So amazingly beautiful. A moderate 10 mile trip. You both must be in such good shape! Loved it so much have watched it twice!

    • To me it is moderate if Terry is not trying to take me straight up a mountain! This was fairly level terrain for the most part. It has been wonderful getting out into nature in this part of the country. We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to do this. I am still trying to open your powerpoint presentation. I can’t understand why it stops partway through the download. I have never had this problem before but I am determined as I am certain there are many treasures to be seen, your wit and David’s beautiful photography.

  • Like you, I still have to sit down and read about all the wonderful things my camera can do for me, but I won’t have time to do that until I get through at YNP. As for my blog, we’ll see.

  • Still having a great time I see. I wonder if you had a chance to bike or travel through Bodega Bay. Used to be a place we would go to from Stinson Beach to buy fresh crabs, etc. Also used to do a bit of fishing there. As I recall, this is where Hitchcock did the movie, “The Birds”. Keep enjoying yourselves. R&G

    • We drove through Bodega Bay and Terry reminded me that it was where the movie “The Birds” was filmed. It was fairly cool and windy that day so biking was out of the question. How fortunate you were to spend so much time in this area. It certainly is beautiful. Take care!

  • Your strength, will and hiking spirit all inspire me every time I read your blog. Love, love the slideshow, esp. that surprising rays of light.

  • wow again. love the trail thru the fog, the dear crossing the road, what a magical place (not to mention the waves and rocks on the shore).
    by the way, what wordpress plug-in is that for the slideshow? it works great.


    • This was a beautiful trail with a breathtaking beach as a reward at the end. For the slideshow, once I’ve downloaded my pictures, on the same screen I have the option of inserting the photo directly into the post or creating a gallery or slideshow; no plug-in necessary.

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