From Wilderness to Megacity ~ San Francisco, CA

Spending your days maneuvering through a megacity like San Francisco after traipsing through national park wilderness can be a shock to your system, but we think we are up for it.  Lots of hiking and eating healthy may take on a whole new look, more like hauling ourselves up the steep streets of the city, riding bikes along the harbor, or strolling through vineyards and drinking an Irish coffee or two at the Buena Vista.  Besides that, we are in foodie paradise, so diets be damned!

Today was the day to get the lay of the land and revisit some spots we hadn’t seen in almost 12 years.  A quick stroll along Fisherman’s Wharf and a bowl of clam chowder rounded out the lunch hour.  Did I mention the temperature hovered around 68° today?

Ghirardelli Square

A walk through Ghirardelli Square, looking out over the harbor to Alcatraz, then on to our chosen destination, the Buena Vista Bar & Grill.  This is where my hubby and I tossed back a few Irish coffees many moons ago.  We were a bit more conservative today, I might add.  Besides the anticipation of watching the Irish coffees being made in mass to drinking said potent concoction, we were very surprised to see bartender Larry still standing behind the bar, as if he had never left, and I guess he hadn’t!

Bartender Larry hangin’ in at the Buena Vista

Having been here since 1974, he could most certainly make these drinks in his sleep.  As we watched him line up the glasses and toss sugar cubes into them (more like throw), I commented that he seemed a tad bit angry.  Maybe I would be too if I had spent the last 38 years pouring drinks for tips.  As we drank he loosened up a bit.  Hey, wasn’t this our role?!  We were the ones drinking the Irish coffees.  Nonetheless, Terry actually got him to smile and engage in conversation, with us promising to come back again for another round.  What were we thinking?!

Tomorrow promises to be a great day as we plan to stroll through some vineyards, taste a little wine, and check out the Sonoma Farmers’ Market.

Me ready for my cable car ride (after the Irish coffee)

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