Apostle Islands National Lakeshore ~ #2

Apples and Berries and Veggies – Oh My!

The ability to eat local sustainable foods is something we relish so we were delighted to see so many orchards and farms in the Bayfield area.  We set aside one day to orchard hop and found some terrific buys.  Grass-fed beef, smoked Lake Superior whitefish, heirloom tomatoes, dragon-tongue beans, and the most delicious apples that I promptly cooked down into some scrumptious applesauce were just a few of our finds.  Couple that with the artesian well right outside our door and we are in heaven!  Not to mention that the weather has been darn near perfect.

Each orchard or farm that we stopped at seemed to have their signature product.

Blue Vista Farm was a charming property, with colorful gardens filled with pumpkins, gourds, and sunflowers, and a striking barn which was used as their store.  Here are a few pictures of their farm.

Homestead Gardens was a funky little property which did not appear to offer up much promise but was such a surprising find for grass-fed beef, organic vegetables and a store chock full of organic grains, nuts, seeds, spices and oils.

Erickson’s Orchard & Country Store specializes in apple cider donuts.  We do not regularly indulge in this treat but the smell when we walked in the door and the knowledge that these sugary treats had just been pulled from the oven was just too provocative to pass up.  Erickson’s apples provided the start for some pretty tasty applesauce as well.

Hauser Superior View Farm sold perennials and bedding plants, as well as various fruit jams and butters.  The focal point of this property was the historic barn, a 1928 Sears barn purchased for $895.

We visited several other orchards and farms that offered their own specialties.  It was a wonderful day that was a feast for the senses.