She Walks Her Talk

Earlier this week we had the good fortune to reconnect with someone I had worked with during our time at Yellowstone National Park.  I believe she is someone who, in the purest sense, holds fast to her convictions.  She most definitely walks her talk.  

Beth and me

At the time we met, Beth was the Environmental Director for Xanterra Parks and Resorts at Yellowstone and I was quickly drawn to her as I too had a strong interest in the environment and wanted to learn more about ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  She was just the person to teach me and many others just how to do that and so much more.  She worked on sustainability and climate change projects while there and under her leadership, Yellowstone’s environmental programs thrived, receiving awards from the National Park Service all three years she was there.  I was blessed to be able to help her at one of the Yellowstone Park Foundation events.

Her heart held fast in California, where she maintained a home and had worked as a conservation leader for Yosemite prior to her time with Yellowstone.  She has returned here as the California Director for the National Wildlife Federation, a lofty job that we are certain she is up to, given her 20 year involvement with environmental issues.  Her focus is on conservation challenges for the state of California and how to best educate the public.

Beth kindly opened her home to us and we enjoyed a 3 hour visit over lunch. Even in her personal life, she embodies that of which she speaks.  Her menagerie of rescue animals includes 3 dogs, 2 cats, 3 toads, and I believe even her fish may have been rescued.  We are still talking about the wonderful visit we had, what great doggies she’s got, and are looking forward to seeing her again this fall.

Beth, Terry, and the star Dante (with Tioga under the table)

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