Livin’ Near Giants ~ Sequoia RV Ranch, Three Rivers, CA

So peaceful, so lovely.

Yep, we are livin’ near giants for the next 10 days, as in giant redwoods.  Our campground is a mere 8 miles from the entrance to Sequoia National Park, where neither of us has been before, so hiking trails and fresh air here we come!  Kings Canyon National Park is also on the list for getting some exercise so you can guess what I’ll be talking about in upcoming posts.

Sequoia RV Ranch is a quiet little place with 55 rental sites and what looks to be some smaller homes tucked in to one end of the campground. We think we have the best site in the place, backing up to within ~30 yards of the Kaweah River.  Some sites have water and 30-amp service only, while others (like ours) have full hook-ups.  Last night, after settling in, with refreshments and lawn chairs in hand, we headed to the river.

Terry enjoying a refreshment.

The Kaweah River, we are told, has some Class IV Rapids, so probably not going to be doing any kayaking in it, as we originally thought.  Even near us there are lots of boulders and smaller rapids, such a peaceful setting.

My meditation cushion

Terry and I sit back and soak in the sounds of chirping birds and croaking bullfrogs as we watch the gurgling stream flow by.  We even have our own little swimming hole with a sandy beach bottom and the water temperature is very refreshing.

Our little swimming hole.

This morning, as Terry opened the blinds on our rear window, a beautiful little mule deer was looking in at him, and did not seem to be phased in the least.  He seemed to be as relaxed as we are, livin’ near the giants.

Inquisitive little fella.

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13 thoughts on “Livin’ Near Giants ~ Sequoia RV Ranch, Three Rivers, CA

  • I did some rafting on the Kaweah River just outside Three Rivers. I fell out and ended up swimming a class IV+ rapid. It wasn’t fun – hit a lot of rocks and the water is very cold. I wasn’t in good shape when they finally were able to pull me out.
    It’s a beautifully river to look at but you need to be an expert in a kayak and be able to self-rescue to go down that river.

    I do love that area though.

    • Now that is something that I definitely don’t want to do! Think we will keep our feet on the ground and go hiking instead. It is a beautiful river but we are certainly not expert kayakers!

    • Vancouver Island is on our bucket list as well – so much beautiful country to see. BTW, thanks so much for the nomination of the Reader Appreciation Award. I will need to sit still for awhile and read up on it, which I should be doing in the next couple of days.

  • This looks like a beautiful place! I can hardly wait to see the landscapes as you hike through the parks. Enjoy and be safe!

  • Enjoying your comments, LuAnn and the great pics of Terry relaxing. Keep enjoying your adventure, it looks like a lot of fun.
    Roger & Gayl

  • I’ve never been to those parks, but someday I will and hike there, too. Then we can compare hikes. The only hiking I have done in California, is in the Sierra foothills.

  • Not too shabby, not too shabby…I think I could just about handle a good zin on that spot 🙂

  • another treat. looks like terry is having a tough time. do they call them mule deer because of the ears? are you headed to Yosemite soon? it’s near the redwoods, isnt it?

    • Hi David, Yep, Terry certainly looks like he is having a tough time, doesn’t he? I think the ears are the reason for the name of the deer. We will be kicking back here until the 13th, which is when we will be heading to Yosemite and will stay there for a couple of weeks. Yosemite is near the redwoods and is about 125 miles north of here. This campground and the two National Parks near Three Rivers are really pretty amazing. Hope all is well with you and Les. Love you both!

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