Watchful Waiting

So what the heck is watchful waiting anyway?  Well, in medical terms, for someone facing prostate cancer, it can be the standard treatment, given your test results.  Hubby Terry received this cancer diagnosis almost 5 years ago, one that roughly 1 in 6 men will receive sometime in their life, not unlike breast cancer statistics for women.  Unfortunately, given his age at the time and his Gleason Scorehe was not a candidate for watchful waiting, too young and tumor too advanced.  A prostatectomy was in order instead and he has been blessed to have a wonderful surgeon.  Ever the vigilant one, Terry has done his follow-up tests like clockwork ever since.

Our change in plans came about as a result of a regularly scheduled PSA blood test earlier this year.  Although not alarming by any means, the finding did not fall within the ‘normal’ range, which should be negligible once the prostate has been removed.  Additional PSA tests done here within the past two weeks have all provided the same conclusion, which could indicate any number of things.  Terry received the news from his doctor’s office that a battery of tests was to be the next course of action, to rule out a few things.  However, after further analysis and given that the PSA test score has not continued to increase, his doctor notified him yesterday of the decision to forego further tests for 90 days and practice watchful waiting instead.  What to make of this?  It feels like we are in limbo, as nothing has changed except to move the date out for yet other procedures.

A good lesson to be learned during this watchful waiting is to get back to the present; live for now; and not focus on what may be 90 days down the road. None of us knows the road ahead so why not look at what is around us instead?  Given the beauty found in this country, it sounds like a sound plan!  Special thanks to everyone who sent warm thoughts and prayers our way.

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12 thoughts on “Watchful Waiting

  • Living in the moment is one of the great benefits of this fulltime RV lifestyle. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Hopefully, the tests will reveal there is nothing to worry about!!!

  • That is something we all need to live by. Life is too short and there is so much to see in this world that God has given us. We need to enjoy what we have while we have it. My prayers are with both of you, and I hope I get the chance to see you this summer.

  • Watchful waiting is reassuring, meaning it may be nothing. We are in the watchful and waiting mode also, will be returning to the doctor in three months. Bob’s biopsy was negative, but the PSA hasn’t come down as hoped with medication. Another biopsy may be in the future……just waiting, but living life to the fullest and thanking God for each beautiful day. We’re home now but have a housesit in Falls Church, Va near Washington DC in two weeks. Keeping you both in our prayers.

    • Thanks Jan. Given that Terry has had his prostate removed, he really should have nothing but a negligible reading at this point but we are hopeful. We will keep Bob in our prayers as well that another biopsy will not be in his future. In the meantime, enjoy your housesit in VA. Sounds like you had a great time in SC.

  • For some reason, I didn’t receive this in my email, or I would have responded sooner. As prudent as you both are about taking good care of yourselves, I’m sure that “watchful waiting” is a good plan. Living in the moment is what life is about, so have fun while you are doing it. God bless you both!

  • Gayl left for our home in Lake Arrowhead right after we told LuAnn & Terry farewell, until we meet again. That gave me time to explore the internet and I came upon your blog. You are really an accomplished purveyor of words and thoughts, LuAnn. Now that we are signed up for your blog, it will become a regular part of our daily regimen. Safe traveling as you pursue new venues on your way up the West Coast of our wonderful country.

    • Thanks so much Roger. As I said when I called Gayl after we pulled out of San Elijo, we miss you guys already! It was such a pleasure getting to know you both and that is what Terry and I think is such a great part of this lifestyle, meeting the people that we do. Even if we never work together again at San Elijo (and we certainly hope we do), we plan to meet up with you again. We believe people come into our lives for a reason and we plan to keep you in ours. Have a great summer!

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