Kayaking on Saguaro Lake

One more day to kayak and the conditions are superb.  Unlike our maiden voyage, the water was like glass, with temps hovering around the 70º mark.  We had hoped to kayak the Salt River, but a quick check determined what we had suspected; the flow slows to a trickle in many spots and the thought of having to portage our boat over dry sections seemed to take the fun out of it for us.  So on to Saguaro Lake we go.

Saguaro Lake is a large lake formed by the Stewart Mountain Dam just minutes from Mesa and was a favorite water-skiing lake for me several years ago.  It was great to be out during the week, with little boating traffic and  such great weather.

Other than the nearly perfect conditions we found ourselves in, the excitement of the day was watching a bald eagle on the hunt.  This was a little stressful for me to watch as it was the playful coots that he was after!  I know, survival of the fittest and all, but given how much entertainment we had gotten from watching their antics, I could bearly stand to watch (not literally stand you know, as I was still in the kayak).  I found myself cheering for the coots while my husband admitted he was hoping for the eagle to score.  Thankfully, we were not around to see this “bald-headed” beauty snatch his lunch, but were able to get a couple of good photos of him.

Resting but watchful after the hunt
Too close for comfort so off I go!

It is time to say goodbye to the Phoenix area and head south to explore Tucson.  We had some great adventures while here but my greatest joy was in reconnecting with my brother Richard.  I am grateful for the short time we had together and hope for more while we are in Tucson.  Here’s to experiences for each of us that will make our spirits soar!

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