Tequila ~ Day 2

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor!  ~  George Carlin

Day 2 – Oh no, tequila hangover (just kidding)!

We decided to start our day with a tour of Museo del Tequila, which proved to be very interesting and informative.

The courtyard was so warm and inviting, with stunning stone archways, beautiful paintings on the walls, and rooms with wonderful sculptures, photos and stories portraying the history of Tequila.

In earlier days, this stone wheel, called a tahona, was pulled by mule, oxen or horses to extract all the juices from the agave fibers.  Fortunately, today the process is much easier, as these tahonas could weigh as much as 3 tons.

This is a sculpture of ancient Aztecs sharing a cup of pulque.

Jose Cuervo began their distillation operation in 1758 and is the second largest tequila manufacturer in Tequila.  Although we did not take a tour of their distillation facilities, we did enjoy their gardens, which were gorgeous, as well as their retail establishment.

The raven appears to be the trademark for Jose Cuervo.  Note the large raven in the upper left corner of the birdcage.

The photographer, my husband Terry, sporting a new beard and Panama hat!  He is standing in the courtyard of the Jose Cuervo gift shop and cafe.

This is a very colorful presentation of the award-winning Jose Cuervo tequila boxes for the past 15 years that were displayed in their gift shop.

A Huichol artist, whose jewelry and pottery was displayed in the gift shop, was kind enough to let us photograph him.

One of the many fabulous Cuervo gardens, with an unusual sculpture as its focal point and many pedestals of varying heights displaying the proud trademark, the raven.

Another wonderful wall display of the Cuervo trademark.

A peek through the iron gates of the Jose Cuervo courtyard to the plaza beyond, where we headed to retrieve our vehicle and journey back to Lakeside.  This was definitely a worthwhile trip!

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