This One’s For You Mom!

Our mother is a woman of many interests and talents.  The one talent I will focus on for purposes of this blog is that of her remarkable “green thumb” and her love for turning the earth, planting, and marveling at the beauty that arises from a small seed or seedling.

Mom is not unlike many women who do not like to divulge their age, so I will honor her by not sharing this information, but suffice to say that she became a Master Gardener at a somewhat advanced age, an accomplishment worthy of celebration!  In the past, her gardens (Rabbit Tracks) have been featured in several local tours, as she has the innate ability to create just the right balance of color and texture in her plantings.

Mom, given your passion for gardening, I have put together a small vignette of the flora that grows within the walls of the small community where we live, excluding the poinsettia tree, which is blooming in great abundance in Lakeside as of this writing and is a less than subtle reminder that the Christmas holidays are right around the corner. Although we cannot take responsibility for growing these beauties, our neighbors were very gracious in allowing us to give you a peek into the gardens they enjoy tending.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4 thoughts on “This One’s For You Mom!

  • Lu,
    The day of dread has come and gone at my house. All of my beloved flowers are residing cheek to cheek squished into a plastic greenhouse no longer able to handle the sheer volume of plants. As you know, they brought me such joy everyday. My yard was alive with color and beautiful fragrance. Every year, it breaks my heart to put them away and see dead space where only days before they were singing in the sun. But, I feel anticipation of spring even as I look out and see emptiness. Your slideshow is simply gorgeous and brings me back to the glory days of summer and my beautiful, miraculous beauties. Ok, so even on their best day, they couldn’t hold a candle to the ones in your pictures. I think you are all overachievers and if I didn’t love you I would hate you! But when I see them, if I close my eyes I can smell the fabulous scent of the hibiscus…a miracle, it is.

    • Barb,

      I can’t take credit for the plantings here, only some of the pictures and the rest I will credit Terry with capturing. I do wish you could experience the joy of seeing new blossoms open on a regular basis on the grounds where we live. I am happy to hear that you enjoyed the slideshow and my prayer is that someday, perhaps, you can see the gardens for yourself.

      The magic number is 7 and I know that you know what that means!

      Love you!


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