Life…the Long and Winding Road

IMG_0232The meaning behind Paul McCartney’s song The Long and Winding Road has been open to many interpretations; e.g. an unrequited love, the Beatles breakup, the unattainable, etc., but can also be a pretty darn good metaphor for life.  Our personal journey will carry us along on some of the most delightful adventures but will most assuredly present us with struggles, challenging us to learn the lessons within the pain.  It is the manner in which we embrace these struggles that not only defines who we are but who we will become.

Some of you may have noticed that I have stepped away from blogging for a time.  Perhaps you have wondered if I have lost my way on this long and winding road or have been too busy with caregiving and gardening to spend time at the computer.

The truth is that both have been somewhat tiring, presenting both challenges and rewards.  But what has kept me away is something of an even more personal nature, something that has caused us to take pause, to reflect, and to spend many of our waking hours reading, hoping to educate ourselves on impending decisions needing to be made.  The subject of our distraction was a recent elevated PSA test score given to Terry, one which took us back to the surgeon who had originally performed his radical prostatectomy 5.5 years ago as a result of a diagnosis of prostate cancer.

For those who have heard the words “you have cancer”, there can be few words spoken by a doctor that bring fear into one’s being so swiftly or completely.  To be given this news a second time as my beloved husband has recently is a numbing experience.  Yes, Terry has had a recurrence of prostate cancer.  Many visits to doctors, bone scans, CT scans, chest x-rays, and an almost unbearable wait to hear the results of these tests have consumed much of our time.  Thankfully all test results were negative, indicating no metastases.  And after much discussion and researching, Terry has decided on a course of treatment, one which will include radiation, as well as a greater emphasis on nutrition and supplements, to maintain a strong immune system.

We strongly believe a key component to this mix lies in maintaining a positive attitude, visualizing good health, accepting nothing less.  Although a strong immune system can fight off many illnesses, it is equally important that the emotional part of our being be in alignment with our physical side, making for an impenetrable mind-body connection.  Terry is going into this phase being very fit and with the attitude that this is just a small blip on his ‘life screen’ before we once again resume our travels.  He is my rock and I am his and together we will walk this journey side-by-side.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude and love for our family and friends, including those in the blogging community, who have called and sent us messages of encouragement.  Your heartfelt words, being carried across the miles, have wrapped us in a comforting blanket of hope.  We thank you from the deepest part of our being.  You are giving us the strength to walk this journey, and we feel your presence every step of the way.

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.  ~  Eleanor Roosevelt