That Amazing White Powder

No, this is not a pitch for some illicit drug.  By now you should have me figured out.  I’m the fanatic searching for all things healthy and “natural”.  That amazing white powder I’m referring to is none other than baking soda, aka sodium bicarbonate.

amazing white powder
That amazing white powder

While growing up the only use I was aware of for baking soda was to add to cakes and cookies to make sure those sugary treats rose properly.  As I grew older, I discovered how easy it was to substitute baking soda, vinegar and liquid Castille soap for most harsh cleaning products being mass-produced today.  Baking soda’s list of cleaning benefits are extensive, from scrubbing porcelain, chrome and tile, to eliminating odors in the frig and cleaning your oven.

Other benefits, used under a doctor’s care, are treating colds, flu, sore throats, bladder infections, heartburn and indigestion, kidney stone treatment, to name just a few.  There have been a host of books written on baking soda uses, as well as a plethora of websites touting its benefits.

Healthy homemade deodorant

Always on the hunt for more “natural” products (and I use that term loosely as it has many meanings, depending on who is using it), I came upon a recipe for healthy homemade deodorant that costs pennies to make and has very few ingredients.  And guess what, I can pronounce each and every one of them.  I used a recipe that includes baking soda, coconut oil (yet another use for this great oil), arrowroot powder (very much like cornstarch and can be purchased at a Whole Foods store or the like), and essential oil.  I like both lemongrass or calendula for my deodorant.  I had used Tom’s deodorant at $5-6 a pop and liked it but who doesn’t want to save money.  It took me just a few minutes to make and a little goes a long way.  Bear in mind that it’s runnier than the solids you might buy at the store so just rub a little in and you’re good to go.  And no, I’m not walkin’ around stinkin’ up the place either!  Seriously, this is one of those products where I believe it pays to spend a little more for something healthy (something without aluminum), given studies done on how aluminum is linked to cancer and Alzheimer’s; or make your own with clean ingredients.   Gotta love how easy it is!

Another product that I have gone out of my way to spend more money on is toothpaste.  Be very scared when you start reading the ingredient list off of many brands of toothpaste, if you can find more than a cryptic list at all.  Here again, you can make your own healthier version for pennies, even doing as little as brushing with baking soda alone, or you could do something more like this.  I love the clean feel of my teeth after brushing!

Having heard on the news the other night that on average a person is exposed to 120 chemicals (oh my) each day by way of swallowing or absorbing through the skin, I am convinced that a more natural approach is healthier and, that amazing white powder, baking soda, sure is tops on the list for clean livin’!

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