Time for Change

I have reflected upon the subject of change for some time now.  That little voice that speaks to us, the one that we are so very good at ignoring at times, has been incessantly chattering away at me recently.  She has become so noisy that I feel I can no longer ignore her.

For me, the struggle with trying to maintain a balance between sitting at my computer and attacking some of the items on my bucket list; e.g. learning a new craft, doing more introspective writing, taking classes, spending more time in nature, has not gone away.  I know many of you bloggers have struggled as well with this delicate balance as we are introduced to yet another wonderful blog to follow.   I feel the time is right for setting aside my old routine and immersing myself in new activities.

So, with that said, I have decided to take a hiatus from blogging, giving me time to focus on some other things that I feel will nourish me.  I will try to keep in touch where I can with those I’ve been following and want to thank all who have supported me these past five years.  Your comments have enriched me tremendously and I know I will feel a void when I step away, as I feel a special kinship to this blogging community.  But I need to broaden my horizons and give myself this time to get to know me a bit better.  I’m not sure where this part of the journey will take me so don’t really know if travel blogging will call me back or not.

I wish you much light, love and laughter as you continue on your journeys.

With heartfelt  gratitude, I bid you adieu for now.