Pursuing Passion

 “I have no special talents. I am just passionately curious.” ~ Albert Einstein

Passion is that spark that creates the fire in our soul, allows our hearts to expand, and makes us feel vitally alive. As we move through life passion often evolves from a focus on career and accumulating money to finding our authentic self, peeling away the layers to find the real “me” that has been buried under the needs of others.

As I age I embrace the wisdom that has grown from more than a few hard knocks, but I also feel this rebellious need to free myself as a child again, to play with abandon, love so deeply it hurts, stand at attention as the final colors of the day rain down upon me, hike through meadows deliciously heady with wildflowers, and stand at the tops of mountains, barely able to breathe for the crushing beauty that envelopes me. I want to live life obsessively, incessantly, touching other lives along the way. And at night I want to sit quietly and reflect upon the wonder of it all, with the knowledge that my soul has found its rightful place.

I read somewhere that when we lose ourselves in the things we love, there is where we find ourselves as well.  Sounds like the perfect way to live a life.