Blues, Brews and a Farmers’ Market ~ Euguene, OR

Nathan James & his ‘tri-tar’

You know how it is when you are waiting for a special day to arrive and the excitement you feel when it is finally here?  It may sound silly but for me that day was the Lane County Farmers’ Market as I’ve heard so many good things about it.   It lived up to its billing and then some, being one of the best we have ever attended.  We love coming to a new town and getting the flavor of the area.  Even though we are just passing through, alighting for a short time, we like the idea of supporting the locals and the best way we have found to do that is by attending the farmers’ markets.  Buying local and eating what is being harvested now is important to us and the colorful fruits and vegetables displayed so beautifully just make us smile!

Gorgeous beets & carrots
Berries, berries & more berries
Dazzling sunflowers

This was the start to our day and what was to be the cherry on top was the Willamette Valley Blues & Brews Festival.  During our RV travels too often we find that we are not in the right place at the right time for some of the local activities.  We were in luck on this stop as Eugene was bulls-eye on for great fun!

The performers at the Blues & Brews Fest got better as the day progressed and we don’t think it was because we had sampled a few of the brews, which were also quite tasty!  A fave performer for us was Miriams Well, a soulful singer from Portland, OR, whose sax player was superb.  You can sample some of her music here.

Miriams Well

Nathan James and the Rhythm Scratchers from Seattle, WA were pretty amazing and downright funky.  Nathan had three custom-made guitars, all with washboards incorporated into them so the sounds coming from these instruments were something we had never heard before.  His ‘tri-tar’ was a washboard, axe handle, and three strings, just unreal!  You can get a sense of his style here.

With our fridge full of wonderful fruits and veggies, our taste buds tantalized by great craft beers, and rockin’ to some amazing blues bands, our day from start to finish was pretty darn awesome!  Hope yours was too!

Eugene street scene

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