Kayaking the Bay ~ Trinidad, CA

Trinidad, population a whopping 367, has a great little lighthouse on the hill and a harbor full of sea stacks draped with doey-eyed harbor seals just waiting to be photographed.  The sun, which many days does not make its appearance until later in the day due to the heavy marine layer, poked out as promised by the locals, so we inflated the Sea Eagle and off we went.

It didn’t take long for us to spot harbor seals and the more we looked the more we saw, some perched on rocks that appeared to be no larger than their bodies.  It looked to be quite the balancing act for some.  Ok, everybody say ahhhh!

We were rewarded with calm waters for our entire time on the bay and the views were just breathtaking.

As the sun started to drop lower in the sky, we decided it was time to head back to the beach where we put in.  We both happened to look up to the sky at the same time and, was it a bird, was it a plane; yes, it was a bird and a big brown pelican at that.  What was most interesting and somewhat alarming was that it was heading straight for us and seemed to want in the boat!  He landed in the water just outside our kayak and was very persistent, continuing to see how we felt about him coming aboard.

My, what a big mouth you have!

Finally, when he decided there was no hitching a ride with us, he moved on as the dinner bell started ringing for him and his friends.  We rounded a sea stack and there in the harbor was the Jumpin’ Jack fishing boat cleaning fish.

Dinner is served!

A line of pelicans and other shore birds anxiously awaited their share.  I think the wayward pelican mistook us for a fishing vessel.  Even with a persistent pelican trailing us, kayaking the bay was an awesome experience!

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