Cool, Quiet Comfort at Lake Casitas Recreation Park

Lake Casitas campground
Enjoying our own private loop at Lake Casitas, for now anyway.

With eyes fully open and a clear head (unlike how we felt when we pulled in yesterday), we started our morning with a walk around the campground at Lake Casitas.  The temps dipped down into the upper 40’s overnight,  which made for some great snuggling under the covers.  A crisp, clear morning welcomed us, along with birds merrily chirping at our every step.  We reveled in the cool, quiet comfort of this “off the beaten path” campground.

Mountain views from our campsite

There are roughly 400 campsites in this rec area, spread around the lake. Some are lakeside, others sit on the hillside, while still others are nestled among the trees.  We opted for the latter of the three since we had already had our beach fix, which is a good thing since there is no swimming, wading or skiing in this lake.

Water Adventure at Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas provides drinking water to ~ 70,000 residents in Ventura and the Ojai Valley, so sorry, no swimming in the drinking water.  For those wanting to get wet, there is a water park on site that includes an interactive water playground and lazy river.

This lake is one of the premier fishing lakes in the region and is known for “world-class” bass fishing.  Since we have not fished in many years, we are just going to kick back and let the fishermen do what they do best.  We will be cheering them on as we bask in the cool, quiet comfort of this little oasis on the lake.

Marina on Lake Casitas

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