Sunset and Surf

As I stand looking out over the ocean, I am marveling at the vastness  and beauty of it all.  The smell of the salty air, sandpipers running along the water’s edge for whatever coastal treasures they can find, a pair of pelicans flying overhead together as if mimicking fighter jets, wingtips aligned, and sun and sea melding into one. This is what Terry and I are mesmerized by now, while sipping on a chilled glass of wine.  This is what we can see from our picture window.  Yes, we have landed in San Diego, Cardiff-by-the-Sea to be more exact, where we will enjoy the rest of winter.  I feel especially blessed at this moment and hope that all of you are experiencing a sunset and surf kind of day, no matter where you find yourself.

Tomorrow promises to be a great day too, starting with yoga and meditation.   Life is good. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Sunset and Surf

  • How very beautiful and what a truly wonderful place to spend a winter. And maybe, just maybe, some day you can visit the place I was born, Cardiff Wales. Not the same climate but beaches none-the-less. Enjoy your much deserved rest from your travels!

  • Lu and Terry,
    Glad to see you’ve arrived for your winter stay. What a gorgeous view. We are enjoying a similar view on the other side of the country…in the Wild Dunes on the Isle of Palms, SC. We love it here and are enjoying lots of walks on the beach and beautiful sunsets. Maybe we can do San Diego in the future.

  • do i ever envy you! that is the view from the trailer????
    for me, nothing is as mesmerizing as sitting on the beach, watching the waves roll in from who knows where. somewhere over the horizon. what a wonderful thing.

    love the knew surfing picture at the top. is that terry?


    • Hi David, We agree, there is something very soothing about the sound of the waves rolling onto the shore. Believe it or not, the surfer picture is one that I took, which doesn’t happen very often. I need some photography pointers usually but didn’t do too bad that day. I have been encouraging Terry to get a better camera.

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