Silver City, NM

Silver City, NM, sitting at the edge of the Gila National Forest, is a high desert wonderland of ponderosa pine, red rock mesas, and deep gorges.  Founded in 1870, it once was an Apache campsite and a silver mining town.  Geronimo had his roots near Silver City, being born just north of here at the headwaters of the Gila River and Billy the Kid made a name for himself here as well, having been arrested twice in Silver City.  His mother is buried in the town cemetery.

We stayed at the Rose Valley RV Ranch for a few days, enjoying some time with friends Kevin and Erin, whom we met initially in Ajijic, MX.  They showed us the lay of the land while we were south of the border and generously did so again during our time in Silver City.  Our only regret was that the weather did not cooperate to allow us to hike this beautiful part of New Mexico, as a winter storm pushed its way through most of the state during our time there.

Terry celebrated a birthday while we were in Silver and Kevin, the gifted chef that he is, made a very special birthday lunch for the four of us.  Thanks to Kevin and Erin we had the inside track on some tasty meals in a couple of the local haunts as well.

Although rain plagued our visit, we all braved the weather and perused some of the more tasteful galleries in town, of which there are many.

Gallery row in Silver City

We can’t thank Kevin and Erin enough for giving of their time as they did while we were in Silver City to show us the flavor of the area.  Given their warm and giving spirits, we were reminded of why we connected with them during our time in Mexico and why we chose to spend time with them again in Silver City.

Kevin & Erin

5 thoughts on “Silver City, NM

  • i hope you dont mind some of my relating some of my experiences in the Gila. I was exploring it one day, driving my brother’s borrowed mercedes deisel, when i noticed i was VERY low on fuel. i remembered some sort of restaurant/gas station by the side of the road some 20 miles back – the only stopping place i had seen for hours. i went in and asked if they sold deisel fuel. surprisigly to me, they didnt. the some park rangers stood up and said they had a parks service helicopter outside, and they would siphon some of the ‘Jet A’ fuel out of it for the car. The assured me it was just high-grade deisel fuel. They saved my life and i was able to get the car back to my brother, who didnt think the story was all that funny.

    I’m sorry you didnt get to spend much time in the Gila, it is just beautiful


    • David,

      I love your stories so keep ’em coming! If I was your brother I probably would not find the story too humorous but given some stories you have already shared with us, this fits right in with others from your past. Hopefully sometime in the future we can create some adventures together as a 4-some. Take care!

      Love, Lu & Terry

  • So glad you got to reconnect with your friends. 🙂 Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRY! That’s a shout out in cyberese. One more week and we will finally be on the road again.


    Great post. As always interesting. I too would like to hear more about David’s adventures!!

    Silver City looks like a wonderful artist’s retreat. I love the photographs! Keep up the great work my young and adventerous friends!

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