Thanksgiving in San Antonio

Here in San Antonio, away from family and friends for Thanksgiving, we wanted to do something to give back, to serve in some capacity.  A famous San Antonio holiday tradition, which began 32 years ago, is the Jimenez Family Thanksgiving Dinner.

In 1979, San Antonio restaurant owner and businessman, Raul Jimenez, wanted to give back to those less fortunate in his community, those not able to provide a Thanksgiving meal for their families, those forgotten individuals.  What began as a dinner for 200 San Antonio residents has grown to 25,000 and is now one of the largest benefits in the country!

We had hoped to participate in this event but unfortunately arrived in San Antonio too late to volunteer.  We were lucky enough to be able to assist the food bank in preparing and serving some of the less fortunate so we are thrilled for this opportunity.

We wanted to take a moment to wish all of you a blessed holiday.  We hope you are surrounded by loved ones but if that is not possible, that you reach out and touch someone in need.  At this time of such uncertainty in the world, let’s take a few moments to reflect not on what we do not have, but instead on all that is good in our lives.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in San Antonio

  • Lu, the two of you never cease to amaze me! Your adventuresome spirit, love of diversity and selfless attitudes are so admirable, the folks of San Antonio are blessed to have you with them for th holiday. Miss you!

  • Dear Lu and Terry, your wonderful spirit, sense of adventure, kindness and carrying for others is inspirational. Giving back, no matter where you are, is second nature to you.

    If one were to consider all the things we can be thankful for there would, no doubt be many. High on our list would be both of you. You have given David and me the gift of a treasured and cherished friendship and the joy of being able to share your adventures from afar.
    Thank you for being the truly special people you are to us and always will be!

  • Lu &Terry….we can say “ditto” to the previous posts. You are both amazing people and we are blessed to have you for friends. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We hope to see you in December.
    Love you, Marcia & Carl

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