Chain O’ Lakes State Park ~ Spring Grove, IL

Since we purchased our rig in Antioch, IL, we decided to spend some time nearby, familiarizing ourselves with the systems.  It seems appropriate that we should begin this new adventure in the midwest, as Terry and I both grew up in this area, me in Illinois and Terry in Ohio.  Jay and Beth were kind enough to spend some time with us, answering questions, which I suspect would not occur with just anyone selling their RV.  They recommended Chain O’ Lakes State Park, and it did not disappoint.

For novices such as ourselves, there were many sites with ample space to back a 38 foot rig into and the sites were separated enough that we did not feel we were sitting on top of our neighbors.  The sites were neat and clean and heavily wooded, making for a very lovely stay.  The amenities in the park were many:  lot of lakes, great hiking trails, boating, canoe rentals, horse rentals, and fishing, just to name a few.

We came across a couple of birders while out hiking one day, who pointed out the elusive green heron to us, not readily seen and commonly referred to as “shypoke”.  It was a great treat for us.

Our friends, Bob and Jan, whom we met in Ajijic, Mexico, live just up the highway in Rockford, IL, so we spent a couple of days with them and they generously showed us their home town, as well as Lake Geneva, WI, a charming town with a great lake front.

Bob & Jan

Time to head down the road to Iowa!

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