Friendship in the Valley of the Sun

There is nothing more to be prized than true friendship.  ~Saint Thomas Aquinas~

September 7th and 8th ~ our last two nights in the states for awhile

We spent the last two nights, before heading south of the border, getting reacquainted with friends Marcia and Carl.  When I think of true friends, I think of those who you may lose touch with for a time, but when you come back together or connect on the phone, it is as if time has stood still, and you pick up just where you left off.  This is the connection we feel with Marcia and Carl.  They generously opened their home to us and they epitomize all that is important in life, a warm, loving, giving spirit and a wonderful sense of humor.  All that we could do for them in return was to offer them a good meal at a lovely restaurant before we left.  What a great way to spend our last nights in the states!

Lu and Marcia
Terry, Lu, Marcia & Carl

Until we meet again, much joy and happiness!

2 thoughts on “Friendship in the Valley of the Sun

  • I already miss you. We had a lovely time with you and Terry and look forward to spending time with you again. I am loving reading your blog. It keeps me in tune with you! Blessings to both of you!

    • Marcia and Carl,

      We had a wonderful time reconnecting with the two of you. Thanks so much once again for your countless acts of kindness and hospitality. We wish you both the very best of everything!

      Much love,

      Lu and Terry

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