A Day Made for Ocean Kayaking

The serenity of a sunrise

The serenity of a sunrise

It all started when I stepped out the door and inhaled. The early morning colors and the crisp, cool ocean air seemed to imbue my senses, wrapping me gently in blue and golden hues.  The stately palm trees sensed it too, a warm sunny 75° day unfolding.

Sun's peaceful reflection

Sun’s peaceful reflection

We have been anticipating this day for the past few weeks, when we would launch our kayak out into the ocean and paddle to the kelp beds.  We had to wait until the surf was fairly flat and this day the gods were smiling on us as the ocean looked to be as serene as an alpine lake.  The surfers were none too thrilled I’m sure, but they have had plenty of opportunity to catch some big waves with all the high surf warnings we’ve had around here lately.

For the past few weeks, standing atop the bluffs, we have seen several whales spouting from beyond the kelp beds and we were hoping to see some up close from the water.  Dolphins have teased us with their surfing skills as well, joining in right alongside the other boarders.

What is it about floating on the water that can soothe even the most restless part of me?  The sight of the paddle dipping into the water as we propel ourselves forward,  sun’s shimmering rays dancing on the water’s edge, pelicans soaring just above the water’s surface…simply divine.

Brown pelican skimming the surface

Brown pelican skimming the surface

We managed to get the kayak into the water and beyond the break  without swamping the boat, a good first step.  Pointing our boat west we headed out, hopeful for new discoveries.  Looking down into the depths, we watched huge schools of silver fish dart to and fro, as tiny white jellyfish gently floated by. Seals lazily glided through the beds, looking for their next snack, but keeping a wary eye on us all the while.

We found friends Bill and Lisa out on the water, enjoying this sun-kissed day balanced upon their paddleboards.  They shared with us some of their great finds – moon jellies, zebra fish and leopard sharks, unfortunately none of which we saw, but a couple of surprises still awaited us before day’s end.

Lisa, looking like a beautiful blonde mermaid

Lisa, looking like a beautiful blonde mermaid

Bill enjoying a picture-perfect day on the water

Bill enjoying a picture-perfect day on the water

Just when we were about to call it a day, we spotted a pod of five dolphins.  Our best efforts at closing the distance between us and them were not good enough, as they toyed with us, managing to stay far enough away to avoid a photo. Suddenly we felt something glide beneath our kayak and a curious dolphin broke the water’s surface.  I clicked away in the hopes of getting at least one usable photo.  Sometimes luck is all one needs!

A lovely acrobatic dolphin

A lovely acrobatic dolphin

We couldn’t think of a better way to end our day, except maybe to see a whale or two, but that wasn’t happening.  Time to head back in, which can be the tricky part when in a kayak, particularly for a couple of novices.  If you don’t catch the wave at the right angle, you can end up getting pulled sideways and flip.  We took a deep breath, prepared for the wave coming our way, and proudly rode it into shore.  A most excellent way to end the day!

Two blissfully happy kayakers

Two blissfully happy kayakers

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72 thoughts on “A Day Made for Ocean Kayaking

    • If it hadn’t been so calm, we would not have tried it. We went kayaking in La Jolla Cove last year and were given instruction on how to get out without tipping so thought we would give it a whirl on our own.

  1. Those two happy kayakers sure did have a wonderful day. The photo of the dolphin is magnificent. So happy for you both that you had such a fantastic day.

  2. Okay LuLu, you are making Gayl and I so envious with these beautiful pics. Really makes us realize why we love San Elijo so much. Your great kayaking day and the outstanding photos encourage us to get back down to the beach. It is wonderful that you two, along with Bill & Lisa had such a wonderful picturesque day. Hope you have several more before you have to travel inland. Roger & Gayl

    • Come on down! The weather here has turned absolutely gorgeous once again, and we are reminded of why we love to winter in this area. Thanks for your sweet comments. :)

  3. as you know I enjoy your posts and love your photos, however in the midst of snow all I do is clutch my head in my hands and be exceedingly jealous. On a lighter note, glad you had a great time with some wonderful friends. I shall come back because soon I can’t keep away and it’s nice to know that my weather luck has gone to a good home!

  4. Oh, LuAnn, I enjoyed that with you…. What a wonderful day, and what great images..!
    What can be said except; keep that man of yours and those friends and that wonderful enjoyment of life…!

  5. I went on the journey with you…agreed floating on water sun high…so peaceful!! Thank you for sharing the warmth of your adventure and the gorgeous photos…very cold here! brrr! :D

  6. Fantastic shots LuAnn ~ oh yes– “what is it about floating on the water that can soothe even the most restless part of me?” ~ can so relate to this thinking back to days I used float with my girls in our bay waves all day… This looks like a heavenly day to me ~ loved to share it with you xo Robyn

  7. Lu..this looks so inviting. I so enjoy going on your adventures with you through your photos and writing. I can imagine being there myself. I am so happy that you and Terry are able to share your adventures with one another and with those of us who still have a 9- 5 job. Love you!

  8. Fantastic. Good for you guys! I love to kayak, what a great day it must have been. The sights, the sounds and the wonderful photos you were able to take as well, just excellent. Yeah, back to being envious here, sigh! But very happy for the two of you! Way to go! :) xxx

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